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💚 Third and DEFINITELY not last of our primaries is Val. She's unrestrained gremlin energy bundled up into a caffiene-addicted package and you'll probably groan a lot when dealing with her.

She's a cackler and love shitty jokes, and spends way too much time gaming or lost in other hobbies that she'll inevitably drop in a few days. Her preferred presentation is a shark/hyena girl which biologically makes about as much sense as she does.

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💙 Second is Grayson. He's one of the only folks in our spectrum that prefers he/him pronouns, but isn't uncomfortable with she/her. He's there to mostly act as a bit of our emotional anchor.

He loves to bake and is generally a pretty sweet boy. His current preferred presentation is as a soft Glaceon boy, with a tendency to keep his little hangy bits tied up in a bun. He loves you and cares a lot!

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💛 First of our three primaries is Jazz. She's our worker bee and the one who will most often front at work. She's a pretty basic white girl, all things said and done.

Her current preferred presentation is a Jolteon girl! She adores AV work and currently focuses on video stuff. She's generally pretty happy go lucky and finds herself enjoying the experiential life.

She's also terribly addicted to caffiene.

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Hello! We're Rhia, and we're just starting to come to terms with thinking of ourselves as plural. We're a 27 y/o transfemme person who has a lot of thoughts and thinking rattling around in our head. We've joined here to have a place to explore that plurality and meet like-minded folks.

Median system has been the best term we've seen for how we experience plurality - we've all got the same "core" but how we process things or what we enjoy doing varies wildly based on whomever is our primary at the moment.

If you're ever unsure, she/her and Rhia are fine to use to refer to us by, we're all in this together and aren't against it being used.

We're gonna list introductions in a thread on this toot! We've got a few primary folks that you'll see most of the time, then a free secondary that front less often but are still important! We'll try to use emoji to signify who's talking. 💚💙💛🖤🧡💖

Also we're a huge furry.

Plural Café

Plural Café is a community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike, that hopes to foster a safe place for finding and interacting with other systems in the Mastodon fediverse.