Hello! I'm new to Mastodon and plural.cafe ^w^

Due to the current happenings a young disabled comrade who is a trans activist is in financial trouble.

A lot is coming together, they can use any support to make it through these times.


RT is appreciated, thanks for reading!

asking for financial help, medical cannabis, boosts appreciated 


mental health 

loved beings searching warmth 

There are 10 kinds of people:
Those who understand binary
Those who don't

the after effects of growing up in an abusive household

things I learned in sex ed when I was a kid:
❌ consent is important
❌ consent is never implied
❌ anything about consent
❌ anything about women's sexual health (it was sex segregated)
❌ you might be gay
❌ you might be trans
❌ it is normal or ok to have sex for reasons besides making a baby
✅ STDs will RUIN your life!!
✅ here's how you put a condom on a banana

A: Don't judge a book by its cover.

B: By what else, before reading it?

A: You don't.


dissociation is so normal i dont even notice it anymore

Tiny brain: Wrestling coach: Your opponent worked out today. Did you?

Galaxy brain: Comrade: A Nazi worked out today. Did you?

We studied philosophy but we choose to use our powers for good

We need to kill the stereotype that non-binary people are just "girls, but not really!" or "genderless femmes"

Plenty of people out there need to learn that non-binary is an umbrella term for a lot of things, and restrictive nb stereotypes exclude *most* nb people

food, obscene gesture 

A guide for non autistic people on how not to support ableism in April 

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