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@ Fellow plurals— Any SnK fans? 

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time! I’m 🍣-I and due to our silly habit of combining ID names, I’ve taken to calling myself Izaako. I also still go by Izaya, or Isaiah professionally.

Before mid-‘13 I misidentified as mediakin before realizing I’m a fictive; two mostly-singlet hosts had already gone dormant and/or somewhat integrated with me while too median & clueless to spectrum plurality to understand what soulbonding was.
After that came a mentally vulnerable time in which this enlightenment + acute distress resulted in our headspace opening itself up to new self-aware presences.
🔑-E succeeded me as host the following year as I struggled to cope with our life so much I preferred to be an observer to it, but I keep some OG honorary leader influence.

🍣-Things: VOCALOID, cats, owls, sushi, kaomoji, rhythm games, partying, shopping, cityscapes, Japanese, horror, psych, true crime, reality TV (esp. Catfish & BGC), drama gossip, human observation, puns, dating my doubles, being ur probclamatic fave~💖

System update, Naruto spoilers joke? 

what are the chances i can get someone else to shower instead of me

Ah. Just realized I didn’t actually use the introduction tag on my first post like others did. I’ve already beeen wanting to remake it with updated info anyway, general interests and misc. trivia, and then pin it so I can just tag that one whenever I get around to that.

...My would’ve-been-next post has ended up an ongoing full-blown system convo I have to see through... though I guess it’s not frowned upon to post that sort of thing too later, here, huh.

I was comparing Fr-🐸’s selfies with mine, and then kept scrolling and realized there’s virtually no difference in my expressions compared to canon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (not accounting for the actual shape/natural arch of our eyebrows being different.)

It’s disappointing to me how nervous Fr-🐸 is/was about how mutuals might react to him being Sasuke. I want to set a better example for him...? I’m not afraid to talk about who I was and who I intend to be now, how our past(s) intersect with the present.

Saying all that’s also a bit ironic though, because I do actually like scrolling through all our various platforms as much as the next clam. It’s a good way to pass time, anyway, and I pick up some interesting things.

...I think I know why it’s difficult for me to post here.
If I’m going to share my thoughts... why would I be inclined to let a bunch of strangers in on them when it’s been so damn hard just to let the people I was “close” with know what I felt and thought?
No offense. You’re all a great crowd, for Clams.
It just... feels pointless for Me... I mean, who’d actually care? Why reduce myself to just anyone’s casual browsing entertainment when I could stick to the platforms where my system’s friends are, so I know at least a tiny fraction of my audience cares what I have to say on a deeper level?
...It’s not that I think I’m boring and not worth seeing posts from... I guess I’m just struggling to understand social media in general, the appeal of broadcasting anything Just ‘Cuz, of sharing personal things with those you don’t have a real bond with.
I could barely bring myself to bond with people IRL back home. Now things are all... like this.
Asocial nature meets culture shock, I guess.

HEY @ 🈂️ YOU VAGUE JERK WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO POINTLESSLY SECRETIVE ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT IT DEPRIVES US OF THE CHANCE TO MAKE PUBLIC JOKES!!! how long do we have to wait to openly tease you over this?? months, a year, years?? I mean fuck come on, no fair 8’)

.......and at once, they’ve just turned my goal into a fucking pun that’s too perfect for me to not pursue this.

...I guess I even have a secret goal here. But based off this memory bank, I sense I can’t really talk about that dream around others without compromising the chances of follow-through. It seems like these guys can’t make any similarly bold claims without screwing themselves, getting too cocky before they have anything real to boast about, just ignoring all the facts and system patterns... so I have to be more strategic, more patient than the others who came before me and caved at resistance or conflicts of interest, no over- or underestimating myself like they do.
I want to believe it’s not only wishful thinking for me, unrealistic or a downright impossibility, but with the others’ history I know the odds are currently stacked against me.
...The difference is I’m not going to give up. I think... for me at least, there’s no point to existing here if I don’t make a truly unrelenting effort to live.

So... we haven’t been very active. My fault, mostly. It’s actually not that I didn’t want to bother...? (Surprisingly.) I’ve actually tried to make this post 3 times but Mastodon kept signing me out before I could finish after I got distracted or had to work.
...Anyway, I’m/we’re going to try to post more again. Here’s my basic intro. I do want to be an extremely active fronter, but how many clams have said that only to fuck off for months after the co-host hogs come back... huh. Guess we’ll see.

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answer "how are you" with quiet but exaggerated laughter so long that people either get a hint or back away slowly

- www!!!

(-) bpd + cluster c shit, vague ID stuff 

re: canon coping shitpost, implied abuse, (-) uncle & brother mentions 

re: canon coping shitpost, implied abuse, (-) uncle & brother mentions 

canon coping shitpost, implied abuse, (-) uncle & brother mentions 

Sys updates (not us), (~) bpd symptoms 

swapping from plural to singular pronouns in the middle of a sentence because part of what you're saying applies to the system and part only to you

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