...Honestly? This last season is incredible so far. In general. We love it.
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Wow, cardboard compactor drama at work... I had to drag the big wheeled trash bin throughout the entire mall because the service area we normally use for trash runs was full and closed and security was not pleased. As if we had a choice...?!
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The New Meme Will Be Anti Zeus Propaganda

🎐 soft system culture is having an extremely detailed emoji language

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It's okay to limit your exposure to people who are not skillful or emotionally intelligent enough to keep from negatively impacting your well-being.

You only have one lifetime to live & figure out your own shit; you have no obligation to let others make it harder because they haven't figured out theirs.

For my own TL:

if you're trans and can't accept someone else's gender identity, you're pulling a gender uncle tom.

There is no wrong way to do this. The idea that you can be legitimized through medical means is a tempting one, but it's conceding we're meant to follow outdated standards.

Gender is just a social construct tied to identity. It only interacts with the biological. By denying a gender, you deny an identity. I don't care if someone's gender is "garfield," it's valid.

*constant concern that I am an emotional vampire*

Animals ranked from least to most trustworthy by eyes:

- Llama; nobody needs frilly eyes, grow up
- Camel; I cannot see them open up you bastard - let me in... I miss you
- Horses; They're Just Like That, Huh? Cold... Empty... Wild
- Hippos; huh... don't like that
- Owls; true neutral - this is how eyes should be
- Tokay Geckos; this list is falling apart but i cannot leave these off
- Cows; they are the same as Horses tbh but kinder
- Cats; they can be | or O !!!
- Cuttlefish: they go :3

If you change ur name but then go by a different name later, whatever you changed ur name to is ur undeadname.

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We need this morning shift and the messy stockroom sure needs us but once again I stayed up too late and feel exhausted... 😖
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Hi part of CW culture is CWing things that may not be obvious. These things include:

- Animals (ex: cw for pic of bunny no ec)
- Selfies (ex: cw for selfie with snapchat filter, no ec)
- Food (ex: cw for food mention (+))
- Holidays (ex: cw for Christmas (-))
- Other social media sites (ex: cw for screenshots from Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook)

Some people have negative feelings or even phobias surrounding these things, or they may just not feel like seeing it. PLEASE cw these things.

#CW #CWculture #animals #animalpictures #tumblr #selfies #holidays #Christmas #phobias

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