“I’ve been thinking, I could leave the world today. Everybody dies, we appoint their eyes and dance like angels do. Writing out your name, little shapes that feign some knowledge of you.” Lyrics from Belly of the Beat by Grimes

Money is nonexistent and we need food. If anyone can help our cashapp is $Platocles


Hey everyone. Real sorry about this but we are desperate and in extreme pain. Anything helps even just sharing. gofund.me/0afe547b


Hey everyone. We need help raising money to move to another state. Any shares or donations are greatly appreciated!


Help with rent and bills 

I made a gofundme to help us pay rent this month bc our hours were cut drastically at work and we can’t afford it anymore. Any donations or shares are greatly appreciated! We only need $200 more to be able to afford rent!

Or, alternatively, if you wouldn’t like to use GFM but would like to donate anything, our Venmo is @PalicoSys


Thank you to whoever sent the money. You’re a treasure 🙏🙏🙏

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Can someone give us like $50 for pizza we are starving and don’t get food stamps until the 1st


Sal: Real sorry to be doing this again but we’re yet again in a dire situation. Toxic roommate moving out and leaving us with the rent bill and taking the only car we have. So in order for our partner system to get to work, we’re gonna need a car. Right now our goal is around about $1,000.

If anyone can spare anything, our payment stuff is here:
PayPal: PayPal.me/PlatoCat
Venmo: @Lion-Cross
Cash app: $Platocles

I kind of need to vent/talk to someone about something. If anyone is willing to listen, please message me.


💀 Hey so... we’re 80% sure we were denied for SNAP at our new place and we’re in dire need of food. If anyone can throw any extra dollar our way, that’d be super appreciated.

Cash app - $Platocles
Venmo - @Lion-Cross
PayPal - PayPal.me/PlatoCat


If anyone could boost this, that would mean a lot. Our friend is in dire need of help


medical fundraiser 

Hey all... We're raising money for a dental procedure. If you could donate or boost this, it'd be much appreciated!


medical fundraiser 

Hey all... We're raising money for a dental procedure. If you could donate or boost this, it'd be much appreciated!


Rakan: What if sweat had the consistency of molasses?
Kesim: ... maybe it would clean pores more efficiently?
Plato: thinking of melt man from action league now

We’re trying to set up a Minecraft server with mods/plugins on aternos.org. Does anyone have experience with that or with minecraft servers in general??

Hey, if anyone is looking for a server to join in these slow times, we have one that could use some more active members! Link in our bio

👽 Kesim here. I was wondering if anyone knew of any systems that have any MysticMessenger Fictives? My boyfriend in our partner system, 707, is seeking sourcemate friends.


Osiris: I got tired of our so called friends taking our abusers side so I took the liberty of just cutting everyone off. No friends. Just like it should be. Only person who has your back is you. Remember this.

Our computer has a hard time starting and also staying on after it does. We think it may be that it isn’t getting enough power from this outlet. Any ideas?

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