If anyone could boost this, that would mean a lot. Our friend is in dire need of help

medical fundraiser 

Hey all... We're raising money for a dental procedure. If you could donate or boost this, it'd be much appreciated!

medical fundraiser 

Hey all... We're raising money for a dental procedure. If you could donate or boost this, it'd be much appreciated!

Rakan: What if sweat had the consistency of molasses?
Kesim: ... maybe it would clean pores more efficiently?
Plato: thinking of melt man from action league now

We’re trying to set up a Minecraft server with mods/plugins on Does anyone have experience with that or with minecraft servers in general??

Hey, if anyone is looking for a server to join in these slow times, we have one that could use some more active members! Link in our bio

👽 Kesim here. I was wondering if anyone knew of any systems that have any MysticMessenger Fictives? My boyfriend in our partner system, 707, is seeking sourcemate friends.


Osiris: I got tired of our so called friends taking our abusers side so I took the liberty of just cutting everyone off. No friends. Just like it should be. Only person who has your back is you. Remember this.

Our computer has a hard time starting and also staying on after it does. We think it may be that it isn’t getting enough power from this outlet. Any ideas?

poll, anxiety 

Is it an infringement on someone's basic human rights to demand they stop using the bathroom and allow someone else to take care of their own needs first, every time, no matter what needs to be done? (Plato: Because I'm confused and I get anxiety attacks regarding using the bathroom where I currently live)

On the road to go get the partner system! Wish us luck and keep us company maybe??

Please send good vibes 😔 I need the dentist to remove this bone spur from my gums tomorrow. Also going to get the partner system tomorrow night, which I also need good vibes for.

roommate rant 

roomies: we're kicking you out and don't care if you have anywhere to go because we can't afford you to live here (even though we don't actually pay for anything of yours at all!) (:
also roomies: literally order doordash every single day

NORTH BURNABY ROOMMATES WANTED (PLEASE BOOST): second-floor unit with one shared washroom, $850, utilities* included. Immediately next to a 144 stop, and 5-10 minutes' walk from Sperling–Burnaby Lake SkyTrain station.

Basement suite unit available for $750. We don't live down there, so I don't know what it's like. Probably fine?

*Dishwasher, stove, toaster oven, laundry machines, wi-fi. BYO air conditioning unit.

repetition by Purity Ring 

Watching me is like watching a fire take your eyes from you
Hope it isn't repetition, though that's the only thing that keeps and takes you.

good news! 

Thank you so much to everyone who donated and boosted our gofundme! We just went over our goal! This is a big relief on us and we're so grateful for all the help! Thank you again!

Marshall: Bertie is so good at Roblox! It's amazing

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