very depressing 

Rakan: Does anyone wanna play league of legends with me? It’s a special game mode, poro King, and it only comes once a year and it’s my favorite

Rakan: you ever peel the skin off of bread just to flex on god...

Please look at this picrew Bertrum made of himself and Vega (his dad)

Us: So tired... need to focus on something so we don't fall asleep

Also us: too tired to focus on something

medical stuff 


Plato: I’m back and fine. Nothing to worry about. Just needed a break after a triggering event.

We have not seen Plato in two days now. Everything sucks and we're not having a very good day.

We're always left out of our friend group. Everyone else received a holiday card, even the ex, but not us.


Plato: Very depressed today... just feeling alone and like I’ll always be alone



They destroyed rabbit and Kast sucks, but twoseven seems to be a fairly decent replacement at least.

Me, Plato: lmfao
Bertrum, little: what does lmfao means??
Me: Laughing Mext to Fifty AlbatrOsses
My FP: -losing her mind-

Plato: What's up, cheese cubes. Who wants to do a Steven Universe marathon in commemoration of the upcoming season?

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