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introduction 2 electric boogaloo since the one we wrote a while back was instance-only and we want something actually public we can pin:

hewwo! we're the chaotic harmony collective, a polyfragged group of five or so systems with shared access to this body - blue mineral is the "host" system, so we usually go by their stats and such

we're autistic and adhd, along with some other things. our age is stated in our description. we have special interests in mozart and salieri, and our brain has decided that's a great excuse to introject them (and fictional equivalents) as many times as possible! we also have a near-lifelong special interest in dinosaurs

we've been a system for... maybe five years now? around five

posts are usually signed; exceptions are usually because we're too tired, blendy, or the person writing is unnamed ~baton

either way im gonna re-vanish for a bit, might be back in a few mins or a few days, no idea whos gonna be in front then, be ready ~demi

...problem with that: it uh. wont let us upload em
also our old images seem to have been nyonched 🤔​ ~demi

gdjhgh we keep taking accidental hiatuses
anyway anyone wanna see some things we made in a picrew ~demi

changed our icon bc trans/bi rights ig
i dont get front often so might as well rub my little hands all over our social media again (even though this account already had Me as our icon but ... Whatever . it didnt have pride on it so this is an improvement)
antonios been trying really fucking ahrd to make me go to bed but, jokes on him : im unstoppable ~amadè

(note: im probably actually going to bed soon after posting this because , unfortunately, i Am stoppable, but only by hubris)

illness again (-) 

also did pass out for a hot minute for anyone else? i finished typing that just before it stopped loading for me and had to wait until now to post it ~iced coffee

healthcare, government Please be consistent i Beg you, parents, shutdowns, food/drink (-/+) 

Any game that keeps track of completion as a percentage should have nice% as a speedrunning category

today is just a day of weird emotions, isn't it ~mollymauk

tired rambling (non-negative but im so tired) 

instance meta, block rec 

groups that use non-gendered terms of endearment:

Cowboys (pardner)
Pirates (matey)
Communists (comrade)

what do these groups have in common? they all hate capitalism

who do i have to pay for more bones ~front is a mess atm but 90% certain its a mozart

subtoot, violation of consent, our last bit of input on this 

venting, mental health (-) 

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