Phoebe: there's tiny horses there's tiny hoppy horses eeeee

deer are now called tiny hoppy horses


i just downloaded pokemon colosseum because i haven't played it in forever and wanted to try it again

you can't choose a female character so i'm taking out my unhappiness on the playable character


another sneek peak that i feel compelled to tag @hyperlink in even though i don't know hyperlink

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so, today I've discovered my camera works, it's just that it won't show a preview.

so here's a #cat to celebrate

💿 Rose got me to take a random quiz she found and the results made me laugh, they're so canted lol

🐰 finded something when i was looking on hard drive

dis me if i was a eevee

I thought this post was done making the rounds 14 boosts and 25 favourites ago but it just keeps slowly moving forward

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