"the M1's reputation was sort-of sullied by people trying to use it as a replacement for the M1"

- gun dude, talking about US weapons from WWII

US: *points at rifle* that's an M1
*points at carbine* that's an M1
*points at submachine gun* that's an M1

everyone else, crying: US you can't just call everything the M1!

US, pouting: FINE *points at machine gun* that's an M2
*points at tank* that's an M2

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Wikipedia's disambiguation page for M1 contains 20 weapons named the M1 and 5 vehicles named the M1.

almost all of them are US weapons and armour

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@luna yup and that's why your standard army soldier had an M1 and an M1 fitted with an M1 and you had teams that carried M1s, M1s, and M1s while other teams had M1s, and you shot at aircraft using M1s while shooting at bunkers with M1s and M1s and had tanks armed with M1s and oh that tank gun we borrowed is called the M1 when it's on our tanks and if infantry needed to take out a tank you would use the M1

yes all of these are different M1s

@BoxSystem that's because they're the military one, not the civilian one (C1)

@BoxSystem they call it the m1 cause when you're showing off ur guns you point to it and say "that's the machine one"

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