doomguy stops a demon invasion brough on by a capitalists greed. masterchief fights in an alien war without question, probably for space oil or something

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Doom guy: Fighting literally Hell but not for any religious reason.

Master Cheif: These kooky aliens united in harmony have a religion i need to kill them


halo lore, genocide 

@NuclearTess @SuperGideon the holy war problem is the other way around. it started because the Covenant found humanity and decided immediately that they were "desecrating" the relics of the Forerunner because of a mistranslation, and then embarked on a genocidal war to destroy all of humanity. it was further fueled by the desire to keep their religion alive and refusal to admit fault when they discovered the mistranslation.

humanity is fighting a war of survival, the Covenant was fighting a holy war of extermination.

that being said Halo lore is pretty deep and fucked up, y'all, i could talk about it for days and still have trouble pointing out the "good guys" because pretty much all the factions did fucked up stuff at one point or another, but there's definitely bad guys and they are the Covenant.

if i had to pick a "good guy" faction, though, it'd be the Swords of Sanghelios


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