ADHD, childhood, long 

my experience with ADHD as a child feels so, so much different than what others with ADHD say..

maybe that's just because I had teachers that were surprisingly good for people with ADHD and classmates who were determined to be on good terms with me. like all throughout middle school and high school, my teachers accommodated me and while i wasn't really a popular person, i was never bullied or teased because. hell, when i changed schools, my teachers at my old school even gave a heads up to my teachers at the new school and told them about how i learn and how to accommodate me.

it honestly hurts to see that this just isn't everyone's experience, and I really only just started to think about all this. I really wish the world was more accepting and accommodating of neurodiverse people, though from what I heard from my old teacher, the best teacher I ever had, that's the way it's heading. at the very least, that's how it is heading here.

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Tiana proofread your posts challenge 2k20

I was never bullied or teased because I was smart and very willing to help. people learned that if they were nice to me, they would get my help, and I was usually able to communicate the concepts in math and science classes better than my teachers. that made me very, very valuable if nothing else, and meant that I always had a good relationship with people.

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ADHD, childhood, long 

@BoxSystem this sounds like another planet, like Finland

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@charlag yeah, the most surprising part is this took place in rural southern Alberta. extremely religious, extremely conservative.

what's not at all surprising is how gay and trans people were viewed and treated, unfortunately.

re: ADHD, childhood, long 

@BoxSystem I've still heard positive things about Canadian education system. It's not only people and their opinions I believe even though it contributes a lot

re: ADHD, childhood, long 

@charlag it's not too bad. my education was particularly skewed and had a lot missing compared to most people in Canada's education due to the size and culture of where I grew up, but it was decent.

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