nothing makes a horrible "apology" look worse than receiving a personal, fantastic apology not long after from someone else who did even greater evils.

guide to making a genuine apology 

remember, kids:
* acknowledge your wrongdoings
* apologize profusely
* consider the feelings of those you've hurt and what they went through, not the repercussions you're facing
* promise to do better, make amends, and then follow through on it
* do not ask for or expect forgiveness
* leave it up to those you've hurt to decide what they'll do next, don't ask or demand for the outcome you want most

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guide to making a genuine apology 

@BoxSystem i feel like i should print this out and send it to my father as a christmas present. but that would be fruitless, because power and violence are more important to him than showing empathy for even a second.

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