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re: adhd, ableism 

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💿 Phoebe is the glue that holds our system together.

the central tower we surround, connect to, and protect.

Phoebe is wonderful.

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introducing our aspects 

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🐰 when you favouritest plushie is fresh out of the dryer and is extra mega softs

-melty buny-

the BC services card and BC driver's license are nearly identical at a glance


i don't get it

*quietly stalking snuggle targets, wiggling her butt and getting ready to pounce*

Found a baby duckling separates from momma. She was injured so we have her at our house now.

my cat is being so cute

(cat face upside down in blanket burrito peeking around the side of computer)

covid poll 

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Asking for help, money, URGENT 

sleepy Phoebe is a sight to behold

an absolutely adorable sight to behold



piracy levels are 50% and rising

(50%) ■■■■■□□□□□

Phoebe being so prideful of her headmate's achievements is the cutest thing ever omg

i found a setting in VLC and fixed the synchronization

a 0.45 second offset did it

🐰 *puffs up proudly*

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the subtitles on this episode i'm watching are about a half second ahead of what they should be and i Hate It

Personal, security, privacy, Zoom 

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