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re: adhd, ableism 

@hierarchon @dreadpirateyarr @neoncoughh 💿 this so much.

my days are spent watching videos and staring at social media because those can sometimes hold my attention,
or staring at the god damn wall on days they can't.

my self worth may not be dependent on my productivity but god fuck do i not like spending my days staring at a wall.
i don't want meds and treatment to become a productive citizen i want meds and treatment so i can do things!

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💿 Phoebe is the glue that holds our system together.

the central tower we surround, connect to, and protect.

Phoebe is wonderful.

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Hello. We are the Box system, a very small median system consisting of 4 parts: Tiana, Phoebe, Marley, and Protection Policy.
We are trans, autistic, white, and live in Alberta, Canada.

We are vegan for ethical and environmental reasons, we are anti-capitalist and anarchist, and we're against hate in all forms: ableism, classism, racism, misogyny, queermisia, etc. We fully support anyone involved in the fight against hate, violence, and discrimination. We include the inherent violence of Capitalism within this definition, so we support anyone involved in or advocating for workers rights and protections as well as those who are feminist, antifascist, etc.

good to meet you all
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introducing our aspects 

Tiana is the primary front of our system. They're agender, ace, and aro. They're very protective, especially of Phoebe, and is interested in all kinds of technology. They can be quick to anger and are very passionate about the things they care about.

Phoebe is a frequent fronter, a trans woman, and bunny-kin. She's panromantic, demisexual, and incredibly affectionate. She's also very emotional both for positive ones and negative ones. She's got several more phobias than the rest of the system and is generally fragile so please be gentle!

Marley is an internal self helper who hates meatspace and people in general. She loves the forest and cares deeply for Phoebe.

Protection Policy is our final aspect, and is probably a fragment. He is our protector and we've never seen him apart from when he's needed.
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🐰 when you favouritest plushie is fresh out of the dryer and is extra mega softs

-melty buny-

do you ever just feel like you're living in a fantasy world where nothing is real and cookies are potatoes?

fediblock, it's a long one 

So let's sumarise and Leonie.

* Before koyu space, Leonie was on
I remmeber :codemom: having to deal with Leonie and trying to explain on at least 1 occasion that what was said was racist. So going the education route and been given plenty of chances to do better.

* I called Leonie out on *whine whine* people are just anti german, calling us nazi, they are just cute uwu (after I called out people to block, because nazi friends). We had an argument and that's when I blocked

* Leonie put out some bullshit about parastat on the line "development is limited to trans people" Like OK, that a take, but also she knows me and she has read my bio for sure. Leonie deleted the toot and said "you don't have to worry, it was before i read the project's description
i am learning, still" (wow, that's not a learning in 3 years tho)

* Now koyu space refederated with gab

* and they blocked the instances that are the most/best moderated instance (eg. that do not let bigotry uncheck)

So yeah, you draw what ever conclusion you want.


As an educator who laments the mono-culture often found in tech, I strongly advise that if you CAN donate, you send some of that financial support to Black Girls Code.

the achievement for leveling up blue mage in is called Da Ba Dee

Quick reminder that if you get a suspicious follow on here that has a link in its bio: DO NOT CLICK IT. Off-site trolls are finally starting to target Mastodon, and clicking that link may give up your IP, compromising information, and leave your machine vulnerable to further attack. Weird profile from an instance you don't know? Block on site.

Targeted harassment 

PrideFall has already started. Be careful of mysterious followers with links in their bios. If you click it, they can get your IP and start to figure out who you are. I already blocked one of these fuckers.

i wonder if the Astrologian's cards in FFXIV correspond to actual tarot cards in any way. part of the lore behind the class is that it uses cards to predict the future and empower others, and lots of cutscenes and text blobs involve people talking about reading the cards so now i'm wondering if they actually looked at tarot stuff in depth when creating AST


me, reading an old message in the chatbox for the 40th time: "hey this looks familiar.. oh, it's an old message"

friend: *changes character to a girl*
Phoebe: *immediately sets out on a quest to make their character kawaii as fuck*

there's a FATE in final fantasy called "Nine-ilm Snails"

context: an "ilm" in final fantasy is an inch

friend has logged in
[FC chat] friend: "down with the bourgeoisie"
friend has logged out

An image for the history books. Probably the most powerful one I’ve seen so far. Sharing it, because the people in frame do not appear to be identifiable.

tfw the subtitle track is out of sync by 1.5 seconds

On top of all that, people who ‘are not from the area’ are also always going to be over represented in arrest records. It’s easier to not get arrested when you know the streets, have lots of friends around and can hide in houses of people you know if needed.

Finally: People coming from a different area to help fight the cops is good actually.


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