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re: adhd, ableism 

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💿 Phoebe is the glue that holds our system together.

the central tower we surround, connect to, and protect.

Phoebe is wonderful.

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introducing our aspects 

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🐰 when you favouritest plushie is fresh out of the dryer and is extra mega softs

-melty buny-

political opinion but i think they should make more soft video games

caps, affection 

do not let slip the dogs of war, there is a lot of traffic about. instead, pet the dogs of war and pet the bellies of the dogs of war. consider giving the dogs of war a treat or a toy, but do not let them slip

this was inspired by the bandersnatch subtitles incorrectly describing the sound of a sinclair spectrum game as, dial-up modem sounds

but also and more importantly, why do subtitles constantly omit words from the dialogue

don't do that

show us exactly what people are saying

au where the subtitles on netflix shows and the like aren't incorrect

@monorail ah yes, the three floating-point numbers. 1, -1 and ptarmigan

top secret message for bunnies only 

tired: using your deadname
wired: using your new name
inspired: using @netkitty's nickname for you

im icefriend

the essentualism of dysphoria as a part of the trans experience is a very toxic idea focused around the medicalisation of transness. some trans people have dysphoria, but it's not a prerequisite. trans people are people who decide to deviate from their birth gender, they are not people with dysphoria. people can do what the fuck they want, if somebody thinks damn it'd be kinda cool to just be a girl the same way they might wanna dye their hair go the fuck for it.

we need to work at the demedicalisation of transness the way we did for homosexuality. it's not a mental health disorder, it''s a lifestyle choice that just kinda happens. there's no logical reasoning behind it and looking for one ultimately leads to this need to 'cure' it as a negative thing than to work on the social things around it that make transness a stressful experience.

'dysphoria' is a social condition created by transphobia locking away the freedom of expression, it's not a sickness created by trans people

Yeah I get CLOUT

Cexposed for my shitty takes online doubling down on it getting clowned for it doubling down harder then nuking my account from orbit and fleeing to be irony poisoned elsewhere for internet points

He was a boy
They were a skeleton
Can I make it anymore obvious?

❌ am I right fellas

- gender exclusive
- shows lack of confidence

✔️ am I RIGHT marines

- gender inclusive
- inflection expresses conviction in the preceding statement by making it clear that the question is rhetorical
- invokes the words of the legendary sargent major avery johnson

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