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re: adhd, ableism 

@hierarchon @dreadpirateyarr @neoncoughh 💿 this so much.

my days are spent watching videos and staring at social media because those can sometimes hold my attention,
or staring at the god damn wall on days they can't.

my self worth may not be dependent on my productivity but god fuck do i not like spending my days staring at a wall.
i don't want meds and treatment to become a productive citizen i want meds and treatment so i can do things!

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💿 Phoebe is the glue that holds our system together.

the central tower we surround, connect to, and protect.

Phoebe is wonderful.

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Hello. We are the Box system, a very small median system consisting of 4 parts: Tiana, Phoebe, Marley, and Protection Policy.
We are trans, autistic, white, and live in Alberta, Canada.

We are vegan for ethical and environmental reasons, we are anti-capitalist and anarchist, and we're against hate in all forms: ableism, classism, racism, misogyny, queermisia, etc. We fully support anyone involved in the fight against hate, violence, and discrimination. We include the inherent violence of Capitalism within this definition, so we support anyone involved in or advocating for workers rights and protections as well as those who are feminist, antifascist, etc.

good to meet you all
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introducing our aspects 

Tiana is the primary front of our system. They're agender, ace, and aro. They're very protective, especially of Phoebe, and is interested in all kinds of technology. They can be quick to anger and are very passionate about the things they care about.

Phoebe is a frequent fronter, a trans woman, and bunny-kin. She's panromantic, demisexual, and incredibly affectionate. She's also very emotional both for positive ones and negative ones. She's got several more phobias than the rest of the system and is generally fragile so please be gentle!

Marley is an internal self helper who hates meatspace and people in general. She loves the forest and cares deeply for Phoebe.

Protection Policy is our final aspect, and is probably a fragment. He is our protector and we've never seen him apart from when he's needed.
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🐰 when you favouritest plushie is fresh out of the dryer and is extra mega softs

-melty buny-

i am the only not Indian in this car and i feel out of place

what if we take all the cops

and put them in a lake

but like, an evil lake. the pH of 2 kinda lake.

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so many cops around here lately.. heckin spoopy


beer is disgusting and shouldn't exist aaaaaaaa

"How do you use a compass?"

"Follow your instincts. Otherwise, you'll need a compass."


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I asked Reddit for resources on how to navigate with a map and a compass in an emergency, and this might not be the MOST useless response imaginable, but it's gotta be close.

some days i absolutely despise the loft

other days i mildly abhor it

you've heard of "suck my dick and balls", now get ready for "suck my clit and bobs"

oh it's "shitposting is fascist" time of year again? Jesus motherfucking h Christ y'all motherfuckers need Jesus

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If you don't have ADHD, imagine having the ability to function at your peak level of performance for the maximum amount of time you can physically do it with almost limitless focus and passion. Now imagine using that ability to analyze, on an academic level, the entire TV series Scrubs over a weekend instead of cleaning your home, grooming, attending to relationships, or doing homework, drinking water, etc.

move in + 2 months

the living room now looks like it's inhabited by humans rather than trash monsters

the bedroom still appears to be inhabited by a clothes monster, however.

solutions still being considered

@BoxSystem oh so is that why so many people called it a cop-out

*looks away from to-do list*

whoa my responsibilities disappeared! thanks Conditional Object Permanence!

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ADHD, or as i like to call it, Conditional Object Permanence

disability meta, ableism 

@kimdanes i don't remember who said this, so i'm sorry for not giving credit here. but someone said something about this like... "abled people don't need oven mitts. you know, those oven mitts are just holding you back. all you have to do is subject your hands to burning heat over a long period of time and eventually you'll grow the callouses needed to grab the pan without hurting yourself. and you'll be stronger for having had that experience."

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