take me down to parallel city where the lines are straight and stretch to infinity

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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Amalgamation is one of those words that just has a nice feel to it.

Casper post, food mention, small update 

Hey all! Forgot to double check our alarm volume and got to work late. Think it's okay though because I pretty much run everything when we get there and I love feeling like I'm in a time crunch mode. So it all worked out. Had a really good pbj today with blackberry jam. Easily one of my favorites. Good everyone is doing well! Sorry we've been inactive. Work has recently given us a small promotion and increase in work duties so we've been super exhausted. And Bee and I have been switching a lot more the last few weeks so she can rest. It's really tiring.

Turns out loading a stapler is hard for us and now we've got a broken stapler and paper that needs stapling.

Casper post, Self update, thanking all 

Hi Masto! I hope y'all are all doing well. We've been incredibly busy with work. Things are going well though and we're all becoming more comfortable expressing our individuality and it's really thanks to y'all for being so welcoming.

Casper posting, Work stuff 

Work has been kinda flowing nicely lately. Taken a very nonchalant stance towards managements demands because meeting them would only make our workload increase. Good thing I'm really good at being useful but also very firm about days off.

Casper posting, 

Hey I'm Casper (he/him). Yeah like the friendly ghost but i do not promise friendship, only kindness ☺️. I know we don't have everyone in the bio but honestly a lot of us aren't sure how to describe ourselves. We're still exploring but i figured I could be one of the first to talk besides Bee. Still figuring a lot out but we love and appreciate the community here for letting us get comfortable

Partner stuff, mushy 

Went on a lunch date with our partner and then got to hang out by the river and show each other cool rocks and practice skipping them. We love her so much.

Don't be the person who does the thing that makes the place create the policy

System stuff, food mention 

Been noticing that Ricky seems to get upset when we have to go to bed. And it's frustrating because I (Bee) know that it's fair that he wants to do stuff while it's light out but he's also not responsible with time so if we go out too late we'll not sleep well and then everyone feels awful. It's okay though we're getting better at communicating and recognizing when someone is trying to get an idea across. It's hard though. We've been eating a lot better recently too since we got some favorite foods back in stock

Food stuff 

One of us is absolutely smitten with Fruity Pebbles. We're fine with it because it's harmless but it's funny how much money we spend on almond milk and fruity pebbles now

We've been thinking a lot about jams, jellies and preserves.

We are definitely a blackberry preserves stan. We overall like everything besides peach but that's because sensory issues get in the way



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I honestly wish my friend Scam would talk me to in some normal language instead of obfuscating everything behind these weird coded phone calls

Mushy partner stuff 

Realizing that we've known our partner for nearly 13 years now. It's wild how much our relationship has changed over the years and how we've grown together.

It's our birthday tomorrow and we have no set plans and don't really know if we feel like celebrating.

One of my coworkers gives me a long hug each time i see her and we call each other Best Friend. It honestly makes going home a lot more relaxing.

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