So yay yesterday after some convincing work of my partner we managed to go to hospital because of our ear yesterday evening
The result was a doc telling us that there is nothing he can do and that loosing weight and drinking water might help
We felt so bad afterwards that Steff had flashbacks and others too and she had binge attack dunno properly how you say in English
On the ride home and until we were alone with our partner Felina took over and cracked her black Humor jokes

I’m annoyed I wanted to go to a yule ritual for women but the others didn’t let me go because they wanted to celebrate with our partner who is a transguy and wouldn’t be welcome there Now our partner is in Pain and we care for him so only very low level celebration possible and it’s to late to go to the ritual because we would have to have registered beforehand urrrrgggghhhh Felina

What We really don’t get is why it is so important how a system came to be i mean some of us say we are traumagenic because we were diagnosed with and are survivors of multiple forms of violence
Others say we are souls/spiritual beings tthat were called into the body and some others including myself think we are mixed and that’s fine
We all accept the identification of each other and don’t question it
We ask ourselves why can’t this be the same in the plural community

we are a System of over hundred living in Germany we have the Diagnosis since 2011 some identify with it others dont we are trans most are pretty artistic some follow different spiritual paths but all areaccepting the alters who are outside often
Bjarne 32 agender Felina 32 Female Dave 30 Male Fae 22 Female Ranje 21 nonbinary Lhiya 26 agender jan 46 Male Mia 13 Female Selina 15 female Lex 16 nonbinary Leon 20 male Danny 22 male

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