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Okay that does it. We're calling our system The Alder Grove now.

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Introduction Post the Third 

Hi! We're Rusanya! You might know us from Twitter or you might not. Please be reassured, most of our stuff here will be more personal, hopefully.

We would prefer if nobody else besides us replied directly to this thread or any other pinned threads, for the sake of at least mild organization, but we probably can't stop you either.

We're an endogenic collective of side-systems and subsystems that share the same body. We don't feel like we need to get into that more, so we won't.

In terms of identities and labels we use, these are the ones we've found to be the most useful, generally for ourselves but sometimes to help others understand us more:

• Plural
• Protogenic, endogenic
• Fictive-heavy or X-ive heavy
• Autistic
• Polyplex (somewhat)
• Traumatized
• Neurodivergent

Things we've been hesitant to use, but may apply to us in some form or another anyways:

• Queer
• Neuroqueer
• Polymultiple or Polyfaceted (listed here because we aren't sure if these are restricted terms or not)

Note: please do not call us alters, parts, or introjects (for those of us with another "source" so to speak) unless otherwise specified for the person in question. We are very uncomfortable with labels associated with medicalization as we have never needed therapy or a diagnosis for our existences + singlet assumptions in the larger world + prior online experiences with system exclusionists.

Our singletsona presents as an Autistic nonbinary woman who uses she/her or she/they, uses the Mx. honorific, is Asexual, and is either Demiromantic or Biromantic. While some of us match this description to some degree or match some aspects, there's also a lot of us that don't match any of these, and that's okay!

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R: A theology lots of people in Brazilian umbanda inherited from French Kardecism is the evolutionary ideology of reincarnation. We are in this world to suffer; by suffering we learn, and then ascend to better places. Kind of like a spiritual Protestant work ethic, concluding with spiritual colonialism in the shape of Heaven.

(it's not even surprising that Kardec thought Black people were less evolved spirits, therefore born in captivity. The spiritual evolution theory is the perfect victim-blaming tool—you made God do it.)

((This hierarchising posture is absent from the African matrix. "Are ye not of more value than a bunch of sparrows?" Nope.))

(((Of course that verse *had* to be from the chapter which opens with Jesus giving his disciples the power to cast out unclean spirits. hhssssss)))

Mr. 7 of the Lyre contends that this is completely backwards; we are in this world for pleasure. Spirit makes itself flesh (literally, "imcarnates") in order to experience what cannot be experienced without flesh (he calls it "animal energy" – I am Carmen's fursuit). This world is not a purgatory, it is a paradise.

(I am reminded of the fiery blue little folk of the Discworld, the Wee Free Men, who believe this world is so cool, what's with meadows and fruits and booze and brawling etc., that they must have died bravely and be in some sort of Valhalla. Well it's the Discworld's "this world", but you get the idea.)

This is a perspective we share, I did after all cry it in my most intense pained nights, even in atheist mode: sex and laughter and music is sacred, if there's anything I'm sure is sacred in all imaginable worlds, it's that.

But people will always contend, reasonably, isn't it offensive to say that this world is a paradise, when little children in Africa. When animal farming. When capitalism.

On which my position is teleological. To the extent that this world does not look like a paradise, things have gone wrong. Our purpose is not to suffer, it's to fix that. To the extent that paths are blocked, they should be opened.

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"so hows Unity treating you today?"
*gestures to avatar model*
"i see"

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Everyone on our TL on Masto just seems to genuinely care about people and everyone is genuinely like "yes even the worst people deserve human rights" and nobody has to explain further than that, which is, like, a much better vibe than Twitter in my opinion.

- Commie Meele

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New profile pic: A lane going through an alder grove

Our internal surname is Delaney (derived from d'Alanae)

The name Delaney means "of the alder grove".

Our headspace is a forest clearing.

This is meaningful as fuck lol

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Made patch for hole in pants. Each color represents a system member.

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random validation, please boost for those who need it 

:ms_transgender_flag::ms_transgender_flag::ms_transgender_flag:​ Trans Rights are Human Rights
:ms_agender_flag: :ms_nonbinary_flag: :ms_genderqueer_flag::ms_genderfluid_flag:​ All Genders (Including The Lack Thereof) Are Valid
:ms_rainbow_flag::ms_pansexual_flag::ms_asexual_flag:​​:ms_aromantic_flag:​ You Can Love Whoever You Want, However You Want

:ms_fist_paw::ms_fist_paw::ms_fist_paw:​ Nobody can convince us otherwise

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unironically unsure if plurality or promiscuity 

if any of our dunno twenty± sweethearts is reading this and you have black hipsters, 42, lace trimmings top and bottom, it's at my place o/

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unironically unsure if plurality or promiscuity 

E: not joking, I really have no idea where these panties came from

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Oh. We're coming up on the two year anniversary of our coming in regarding plurality. Kinda cool that we know the specific date of that happening :D


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Been scrolling through the local timeline for the first time in a while. So many new faces! Hi there! o/

I mean, it's not like we've been active on local either. Oh well. :D


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The head mate you are contacting is not available. Please try again later.

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being a system as pride month approaches is just being able to collect every flag and let gatekeeping singlets be mad and confused as you laugh in your rainbow of rainbows

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feels like a hot take, but really shouldn't be; :boost_ok: 

For the love of whatever diety you choose to worship, PLEASE treat workers with respect. McDonald's, grocery store, shop in the mall, whatever.

Chances are they make minimum wage, which typically isn't even enough to live above the poverty line. They do /NOT/ have time for your bullshit on top of that.

I don't care if you've had a stressful day, or if you're a single parent, or if you work two jobs to make ends meet, or if they messed up your order, or all of the above. /NONE/ of that gives you the right to ruin someone else's day.

Remember: Wage Slaves are people too.

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got two sweaters to unravel for yarn at Goodwill and one felted wool sweater to cut up. One of the sweaters I already unraveled and the yarn is wet and hanging up with a weight to get the kinks out. thick 50% wool 50% acrylic blend. 3 skeins blue, one skein white. I am unraveling the other sweater which is lace weight, I am pretty sure cashmere. It is beige and I plan to dye it and chain ply some of it to make a slightly thicker yarn. And I want to use the felted sweater to make at least one hat and completely cover it in buttons, I got a mixed bag at Michael's.

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mh(+), intrasystem dialog, humor? 

Body thought: "I really I wish I wasn't so depressed"
Keitarou: "why are you so depressed? you're an adult you can buy as many eggs as you want!"
Akihiko: "Keitarou, that … that doesn't make any sense?"

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Mes cheveux c'est la badassité capable de porter tout et n'importe quoi 😁 et c'est toujours la même qui tient depuis dimanche dernier.

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