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uspol, comcast & activism (+) 

Movement Alliance Project: (birdsite)
Breaking: @/comcast doubles internet speeds for low income communities, as a direct result of our pressure! Congrats to @/mediajustice @/SOMOSCityKnight @/DetCommTech @/freepress @/ColorOfChange and so many more!

GG: !!

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every day this feeling gets stronger 


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:ms_neuter_symbol:​ Obsidian has spent the entire evening on Unity, and now it finally has an avatar for itself on VRChat

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exorsexism / a xenic multigender lesbian gives faer opinion on orientation discussions 

please stop with the "nonbinary ppl are included in every sexuality" stuff and "nonbinary people aren't a third gender."

some nonbinary people *are* Third Gender. Some nonbinary people are xenic. Some nonbinary people are aporagender.

"Nonbinary people aren't a third gender" was a (flawed) way of saying "stop treating us all as if we have the same one gender and forcing us into a gender trinary," and it has been taken and twisted by exorsexists into a shield from rightful criticisms of n-b people who feel misgendered and erased by the extremely binary-centered discussions of orientations and who is """allowed""" to call themselves things like gay, lesbian, bi, pan.

Saying we're included in every sexuality is misgendering and comes across as ignorant at best, and flatout erasure of our genders and struggles to be listened to and allowed to speak for ourselves in these discussions at worst.

N-b people who don't lean towards a binary gender are always left out of this discourse. Every time. We end up being an afterthought.

And the "included in every sexuality" shit isn't even true in application. When multigender people try to talk about our identities, we get a bunch of queerphobes from within the community telling us we can't be part of specific orientations (looking at the new wave of lesbian separatists) and that anyone who likes us can't be [x] orientation.

It's bullshit.

And this isn't even getting into the inherent pluramisia all the identity shitcourse perpetuates, but that's a post for another day when we're not suffering from one of the worst migraines ever.

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Honestly, fuck gendering clothes and everyone should just wear pretty dresses to dressy occasions because they're so much better than suits

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Boss: So it's time for your yearly reminder you can't carry weapons at work, which includes knives, batons, stun guns, pepper spray, guns-

Me: *flexes*

Boss: I'm ignoring you, Alex.

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childhood trauma, bullying 

R.: I mean have you ever considered that maybe being repeatedly beaten and verbally humiliated in public for years until it just felt normal and the way things are might count as 'trauma' for a child. just a thought

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Huh, haven't suspended a local user before. Guess there's a first time for everything.

In case it's unclear: whining about "The Globalists" will almost certainly result in instant suspension from this instance. Take your antisemitic conspiracy theories elsewhere, especially if they're in the replies of folks criticizing white supremacy.

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Someone said they're reminded of these little guys when we refer to ourselves as peeps and we now have a new system mascot because these little dudes are used to test how children pluralize nouns. It fits a little too well :P

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plural egg things I guess (1/2) 

- The way we resonated with plurality verses like "there's two of me" in Arisugawa’s song, or, cliché through it is, good ol’ "I contain multitudes".

- The chill we always got from the "My name is Legion for we are many" quote in the Bible.

- Fascinated by tulpamancy-type rituals in demonology, actually tried to invite demons into self more than once (Carmelita: (self-satisfied smile)) (Elilla: oh come _on_, stop teasing, that was a lifetime ago, plus we’re all sceptics now) (Carmelita: Are we now? (shrugs))

- The very specific kind of thrill we got every time Venom growls "We are Venom" at his battle introduction in Marvel vs. Capcom
- Equivalently intense disappointment when the studio made them use "I" pronouns in the Spider-man movie.

- Being fascinated by the involuntary voices we got during sleep paralysis episodes. Trying to reach them somehow.
- (Not that Christian pastor walk-in whom deadname got that time, a preacher who did like this whole sermon on a megaphone, uggh, thanks gods that one never showed up again.)
- Actually managed to hear the sweet-sickly fem voice again, if only once.
- Elilla explicitly aiming to imitate that voice in voice feminisation training.

- Not only losing arguments with ‘myself’ but being bitter/bitchy about it and still convinced that ‘myself’ is a dick for thinking otherwise (R: lol)

- Having memory of, but not recognising myself in, things 'I' wrote to other people

- Having no memory at all of things 'I' said to other people, finding myself often in the position of having to justify why 'I' said something I not only don't remember but also can't understand. (side-eyes at R) (R: it's not _my_ fault you can't remember those, this whole thing is more complicated than you think)

(R: wait is a plural egg roe? a clutch?) (E: I’m _trying_ to be candid here ok?) (R: what about "brood" tho—)

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questions for plural systems, :boost_ok: 

- Is it normal to feel physical effects (weakness, persistent headache, exhaustion, sleep lethargy) at, for lack of a better word, "system events" (crystallisation, splitting, walkins etc.)? Any tips on dealing with that?

- What are some good ways to exercise or improve internal communication?

- Are there ways to recover or ask about lost memories? I have a ton of memory holes but asking headmates directly hits on walls.

- Any tips on improving switching at will, getting it more into (collective) control?

- We're new to this and would appreciate a lot any suggestions of resources, blogs, podcasts, experiences etc. especially stuff not centred on DID.


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selfies, eye contact, boosts welcome, 

im ams the cyoote

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We originally made a simpler version of this for a friend to describe what's been going on with us and the whole re-evaluation of how our collective works that we've been working through, but we decided that we might as well extend it and take the chance to describe how we've changed over time.

Growth and self-discovery can be very messy!

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medical 420, chronic pain mention 

i had an online consultation to see if i could be a candidate for a medical marijuana card and this doctor wasted no time, believed me right away, and spent more time discussing how weed could help and how it would best be taken for my condition than seeing if I was "legit"
best doctor ever omg, and not because of specifically weed. i felt taken seriously for the first time in my life for my chronic pain

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things are bad and I'm tired but there's a cat lying right next to me licking their feet

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my manager spelled my deadname so wrong it become a cool gender neutral one
fuck it, ill take it!

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TT: I walk into a space and my first thought is the quality of the acoustics

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Most people would condemn a fan like this if it started getting noisey, or dirty, or slow. But I really don't understand why... 15 minutes of TLC and a bit of oil and it is working like brand new.

Don't throw appliances out, care for them instead! Save money, save the planet, and keep the appliances that you know you already like :)


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Dear construction people


I mean I know why but just


I like to sleep in on my days off thx


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