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buny waking sily humans up by laying on top of their face

their entire world will be fluffy belly

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Gaz made us a system server, and it's weird that we're actually going to get real use out of this one. 

Before, many years ago when I first tried to make us a server, I was really the only one fronting and we didn't have the kind of memory issues or struggles that would make it necessary to have a system server. Likewise, without Pluralkit back then, it wouldn't have worked as well to share an account without everyone signing off and definitely wouldn't have felt as good as it does with PK?

But now we're more functional, we have a switching schedule and three of us are splitting up the week now. Our memory is more separate nowadays (and more garbage in general) so it makes sense to leave notes for each-other and especially make sure people who need it have emergency information like fire dept and poison control numbers and stuff like that?

It's just wild that we're in this position now, but tbh Im happier this way. Like now we really do have to work together actively.

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multiplicity may day 3 - headmate names (2/2) 

Most of us have to pick our own names, but I showed up as Circe, which is a name I happened to use for a few game characters previously.

Tisiphone's name is from one of the Greek Furies, since we originally thought she was a particularly angry split from me. I changed my name to Alecto to match the theme shortly thereafter, and now I'm Alex since I don't want to typecast myself as the angry one. Names matter, after all. :ms_wink:

Sonata's name comes from her showing up while we were en route to a symphony and she liked the sound of it.

Our fox doesn't have a name and isn't interested in choosing one (not entirely sure they even understand the question) so we just call him what he is like anyone else who hasn't chosen a name: he's a fox boy.

Like Glitch, for example, who was just "moth" until she chose her name a week or two ago as a play off of "software bug".

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what's the difference between a senior programmer and a junior programmer?

senior programmers have searched basic programming questions more often

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re: social meta, open source projects, Terran horribleness 

@moonbolt it depends on how bad it is, and how others feel.

personally, i would not feel comfortable talking with people who want me and all my friends dead, and so fascists, terfs, and racists would definitely not be contributing to anything i make. same goes if someone who's a part of the project is uncomfortable with having someone like that around even if i were comfortable.

another one is optics, do you want to risk being associated with fascists to help your project along? do you want to maintain an appearance that would be marred by having fascists/terfs/racists standing beside you?

there's a lot of valid reasons to keep them far away regardless of their contributions or value to a project. even if they aren't doing active harm, they probably will eventually and they'll always be doing passive harm just by being around.


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Me: wow, it’s weird to look at the notes I took while working just a week ago. It feels like a totally different person wrote them
Also me: wait... it’s extremely likely that a totally different person _did_ write them

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in English they don't say "I love you", they say "you just got rick rolled lol" and I think that's beautiful

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I could maybe write poetry if I wanted to, drawing from Xander's experience, but I'm too busy being a sexy magic dragon.

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Choose Your Fighter!

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pronoun check, kink refs 

Hey, we can actually answer this on fedi!

It/its - Sonata, or certain situations with snek. Otherwise absolutely not
She/her - Good default
He/him - snek preferred, Alex and moth will accept
They/them - For the whole system
Neo-pronouns - zie/zir, especially for devin
Mr. - maybe for snek?
Mx. - yeah!
Miss/Ms - sure
Sir - snek will tell you if you should
Ma'am - from strangers and coworkers, not from friends
Pal, buddy, friend, comrade, etc - If we're actually friends
Dude - no
Bro/bruh - bruh moments only
Sis - no
Sib - no
Boy - devins
Girl - only "good girl"
Gurl - no
King - no
Queen - no
Prince/ss/x - maybe?
Captain - no
Lady - haven't considered it, seems alright
Feminine compliments (pretty, beautiful, etc) - always appreciated
Masculine comments (handsome, etc) - usually okay
Honey, Sweety, etc - for partners. strangers, only when spoken with a drawl. bless your heart if you think you're slick enough to disrespect us without us knowing.

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@CornishRepublicanArmy good and cute boys are even gooder and cuter when they giv belly rubs to smol cute bunies

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ux hot take 

you should never take focus from whatever else the user is doing

corollary: you should never use a pop-up except in immediate response to user action or if lives are threatened, and if lives are threatened you should disable input on the pop-up for at least 3 seconds

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"animal ears girls bot" posting an image of a character that is 100% human and does not have animal ears just because the hat she's wearing looks like it's concealing animal ears

nice lol

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FFXIV, selfie, ec 

this is our character and her outfit for healer and her outfit for tanking

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just got off a six hour call with 8 other systems
feeling a bit lightheaded and flappy

this is joy. to see others share our experiences. to hear others refer to us by our system name. to speak proudly about our lives.
this is why we come out. this is why we connect with others.
this is why we accept each other.
pure, unadulterated joy. happiness. unity.


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Our plurality 

So, I think I mentioned before that Gotos has been around since at least my (first) puberty (which is now about 15 years ago, wtf o0). We both kinda recognize him as somebody else, somebody who is not me - and yet we only realized/accepted we're plural last year.

That is because despite him fronting every now and again ever since that time, we always thought of him as an imaginary friend. Often, when he wasn't fronting but co-conscious, to us it felt like he was walking by my side, like he had a presence outside of my body. To me, the most fascinating thing about that always was that I could almost feel him if he touched me. It's hard to describe - it always felt distinctly different than tactile sensations. But I felt it nonetheless.
He rarely does that nowadays, despite still being able to (he just tested it xD). As our understanding of his existence has chances, it became less important for him, I guess. But I thought this might be interesting. :3


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new album out!
just thought we should post about it ourselves too and not just have the netlabel post boosted!

as always our albums are in public domain and we ask that you pay what you can, but you're welcome to freely download 💚🖤💖💙

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being a system is so freeing.

when we pretended to be a singlet, we stressed out about being consistent. we felt like we needed to maintain a list of things we say and do and like and stuff. we had to be one person convincingly.

and now we know that n is mad about deadpool and alex probably likes trashbags like tony stark. wolfgang likes clint barton for the disability rep and both he and beau like steve rogers, but two different kinda "likes" - beau would like to be him and wolfgang would like to date him. tink likes folks like wonder woman and gwenpool and squirrel girl - action ladies. i find myself to be into guardians of the galaxy. and we all awwwed reading good did fics about bruce banner and hulk.

when you are a system, you don't need to watch yourself. you don't need to stress out and plan everything. you don't need to be consistent.

you can just chill and be yourselves. and enjoy geeky shit.


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