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microfiction (by Q, feedback welcome) [93 words, 532 chars] 

"My my, what a curious hoard," the prince said. He spied several items that seemed out-of-place. Mystical tomes, foreign delicacies, even a few vials of holy water.

"I collect that which your kind covets," the dragon replied. "Monetary value is not all that exists."

"Is that so?" The prince thought for a moment. "Then, if I may ask, what item in your hoard would you say is most valuable?"

The dragon didn't even hesitate. "Come now, your highness. Surely you must know the answer by now~"

The prince chuckled. "Don't you forget it, my love~"

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selfie, eye contact, boosts and stuff welcome 

rare outside pic

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Headmate art 

Been working on this for the last three days or so as a gift- Kaz and us (Peeps). 8 hours total to finish this, absolutely worth it.

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General exploration 

Hey. We discovered today, that it is not so quite here in comparison to twitter, than we thought. Ju clicked on the menu points Plural Café and found a lot of toots to our surprise, and then on Federated, and found even more.

Now he is turned red and doesn't know what do feel.

Well, we keep on getting experience with social media, and so for us (Phil, Sascha, Pichan, N33) it's ok to know you've overseen a lot of things by not knowing they are there.

Am curious how our final balance will be (between Twitter and Mastodon).

Have a nice weekend


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silly pets 

we got up to do something last night and our gf's cat, Steve, was up begging us to pay attention and we look down and she's clearly leading us to the empty food bowl. So we fill it, wander off to the bathroom, and she follows us in, headbutts our leg a few times, and then walks out.

She went through all the effort to thank us before she ate anything. Silly lovely cat.

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Automatic art, lots of drawn eyes 

Did some automatic drawing today (drawing without consciously directing it), came out pretty interesting! Way more eye shapes than anticipated. Usually we get things that look more like distorted people.

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Realizing and getting in touch with the fact I am clearly an obsessive kind of person, and that it derails my days and nights.

Just learning tonight that more than 25% of people having bipolar disorder do have obsessive behavior, why did nobody tell me that

Putting this in public so that it can help someone as clueless as myself hopefully

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I guess the best compromise between security and usability will be to have a separate device with tor and stuff

(gets a used phone)
(installs lineageOS)
(feverish couple days of intense hyperfocus on configuration, hardening, exploring alternatives, rooting to privileged fdroid, buying dogecoin???, setting up secure rsync backups etc.)

ah finally a decent setup, this feels good :>

R: (starts using her accs on the separate phone)
E: :thonking: ...oooh. oh!
E: so this is what this was all about

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the cowardice of quickly reacting and unreacting "no" on my inclusive plurality takes, if you're gonna do that leave it up so i can block you & everyone else can know for their safety

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Hmm...I'm thinking about our interest in alters and learning about ways to manage systems, and if someone asked why we have this interest, well, I do like existing.


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How the fuck ever do people manage clothes shopping while plural

Someone: "Ooh i like this thing! And this one! And this one! Actually maybe not that last one. Or the second one."

Me: "Wait who wanted these and who doesn't want these"

Head: *crickets chirping*


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You ever just feel Soft about your brain roommates?

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ableism / Chronic pain / jumping through hoops with doctors 

Doctor: You have fibromyalgia.

Me: Oh, sweet. Finally a doctor who recognizes that.

Doctor: Here are some meds to manage the pain and magnesium to help with cramping.

Me: Cool! Can I also get a doctor's note for my work so they know I have fibromyalgia?

Doctor: No.

Me: ... Why not?

Doctor: Because I don't treat chronic pain. You need to see a specialist to get a note.

Me: ............... but you just.......... treated me....... for chronic pain............ and I need the note *now* for my work so I don't get fired when I miss days......

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our feelings on being hypersexual when you're plural 

E: unanymous opinion here: being more than one person in bed is fantastic :plural_heart:

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local kobl is of the opinion that all kobls deserve hugs and pets, to be delivered at earliest convenience

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