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Well, we've got a new headmate and we decided to set them up with shared control of this account. Name of Fragment. Be nice to 'em, they're really new.


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we haven't been on here much but life has been pretty good!! we're out to our closest friends now as a wolf pack system and it's nice having all of us accepted even if it's mostly r fronting, we get to be wolfy and receive lots of pats and cuddles

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healthcare/therapy + 

apparently the local aboriginal health clinic/therapy place noticed I hadn't been in for ages and called to make sure I was ok, which is something ive never had before

admittedly the person I saw there was painfully underequipped to help, but the fact they called makes me hopeful to try again. since psychmed either silently drop me from the wait list or just. dont have anyone who are able to help

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My clock is ticking again, so as the body just turned 39, I just turned 31!

I took a huge step toward healing two weeks ago and I guess that was enough!


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plurality trashposting 

our memories are like everything else in our lives; an unorganized heap of everything just piled up in a cluttered corner.

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Sorry folks, instance was down for about an hour there. Looks like our certificate autorenewal is broken again...

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when you're writing a post and you switch mid-sentence and forget what you were even saying 😔​

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Plural culture is your sysmate having a gender crisis in the background while you're sitting in front watching weird YouTube videos.

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[FR/EN] Transfem HRT injections calculator -- please boost 🔄 


TransfemScience just published a very very effective online simulator of estradiol levels for estradiol injections, based on the esther (valerate, enanthate, cypionate ...), dose and interval you want to use.

As far as estradiol enanthate goes, the predictions are very close to the ~20 blood tests I've had since February 2020 (to estimate these same curves and verify they were stable) but I've had them by subcutaneous injection, whereas the tool only approximates results for intramuscular in theory. However, of course, your personal results will vary based on many variables that can't be implemented in the simulation.

The simulation data are based off an informal meta-analysis also published by TransfemScience.




Le site TransfemScience vient de publier un simulateur de taux d'estradiol pour les produits injectables, où vous pouvez faire varier l'esther (valerate, enanthate, cypionate ...) ainsi que la dose et l'intervalle d'injection.

Dans le cas de l'estradiol enanthate, les prédictions sont conformes à la vingtaine de tests sanguins que j'ai fait depuis février 2020 (justement pour estimer ces courbes et contrôler leur stabilité), mais je fais mes injections en sous-cutané et le calculateur n'affiche que des estimations pour les injections intramusculaires. Cependant, de toute évidence, des résultats individuels varient selon de nombreux facteurs qui ne peuvent être pris en compte dans une telle simulation.

Les données qui ont permis la création de cet outil proviennent d'une méta-analyse informelle, elle aussi publiée par TransfemScience.

Le thread de Julie parce que merci à elle:

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happy plural pride day from our system :plural_heart::plural_heart::plural_heart:

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Heya folks from Plural Café and elsewhere, we're looking to rephrase the rules again and to use the new (now a few months old) "server rules" feature in Mastodon. We experimented before with trying to write our anti-oppression policy as positive Values, but we're not happy with how it ended up just being a laundry list of "anti-racism, anti-ableism, nonbinary inclusive, etc." - which is okay as a statement but far too long for folks to read.

Please take a look and let us know what you think.

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Apparently today is . Wasn't aware that was a thing, but it's appreciated nonetheless.

To all our nonbinary/agender/gender non-conforming/etc. peeps, take a moment to remind yourself that you're 100% valid, all year long, no matter what anyone says.

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E: help my headmate won't stop having positive feelings about the idea of shaving all our hair
(• ▽ •;)

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It's our two years anniversary of realizing we're plural! Which is also the day Gotos considers his birthday! (He's much, much older tho. He's been with us for over 15 years if I'm not mistaken and being a fictive there's a few aeons more :D)


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