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Hello folks! @starfall speaking, we spent some time yesterday rewriting the rules section with an eye on making paragraphs shorter and our values more explicit.

They haven't taken effect yet; the draft can be seen at

Some things are added to the old rules, not just reworded:

* "blatant advertising" -> "corporate advertising", with a specific exception for self-promotion
* explicitly sex and kink positive, but these must still be content warned appropriately
* explicitly sex worker positive, give or take some legal requirements
* required content warnings section added, with some of the most common triggers we know of
* some changes to the bot account policy - bots must be opt-in, not opt-out, automated posts shouldn't be on public
* more explicit federation policy around suspending some servers that don't block servers we suspend

Feel free to comment and suggest changes here or @ us directly. instance meta (rules rewrite), drug mention 

@Barkeep @starfall I have a couple of questions-
In not allowing "corporate advertising", could you elaborate what you mean by that? If we want to talk about, say, a product or brand we really like, is that okay?

Also, you mention no condoning of illegal drugs. Is it okay to talk about weed and other such drugs which are legal in some places, if we provide a cw?

re: instance meta (rules rewrite), drug mention 

@kaminohana advertising - We'd personally prefer if that didn't happen, but we're not going to make a rule against it. We can clarify to "paid or sponsored advertising".

drugs - I don't intend to change our drugs policy relative to the current rules. Talking about them is fine (when cw'd), recommending them to other people could get us in trouble.

The jurisdiction that's relevant is New Jersey. We can look into changing hosting providers if this is a big deal for folks but I don't think we could do that quickly, since we've been pretty low spoons for awhile.

The specific line in their ToS is "You shall not Process any content or link to any content that does not comply with applicable law or Linode’s community standards, including without limitation, any content that Linode deems at our sole discretion, to: ... promote illegal drugs ...."

re: instance meta (rules rewrite), drug mention 

@starfall Okay, that makes sense. The concerns I had with advertising were if I were to say something like "omg this new so-and-so mic has amazing quality", just in my own experience, not paid or sponsored

So as long as I'm not saying things like "yall should try this stuff" in regards to drugs, would it be okay to discuss the experiences of it? i know jurisdiction can get kind of....vague so I wanted to clarify.

re: instance meta (rules rewrite), drug mention 

@kaminohana yeah, that's fine. we're very anti-corporate but not going to moderate on that unless someone is just posting about branded stuff or using our platform to help the rich get richer

and yeah, we're interpreting that as okay. if we get slapped on the wrist we'll have to change it, but for now that's fine

re: instance meta (rules rewrite), drug mention 

@starfall i feel you there, i try to be anti-corporate when i can, so ill try not to be excessive about it

got it, that does clarify things. ill also keep this in mind moving forward

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