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Hello folks! @starfall speaking, we spent some time yesterday rewriting the rules section with an eye on making paragraphs shorter and our values more explicit.

They haven't taken effect yet; the draft can be seen at

Some things are added to the old rules, not just reworded:

* "blatant advertising" -> "corporate advertising", with a specific exception for self-promotion
* explicitly sex and kink positive, but these must still be content warned appropriately
* explicitly sex worker positive, give or take some legal requirements
* required content warnings section added, with some of the most common triggers we know of
* some changes to the bot account policy - bots must be opt-in, not opt-out, automated posts shouldn't be on public
* more explicit federation policy around suspending some servers that don't block servers we suspend

Feel free to comment and suggest changes here or @ us directly.

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When people call ur system name pretty and it causes The Euphoria:


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im officially out as transgender to my dad i can start HRT guilt free now

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🌙 periodic reminder that there is absolutely zero reason for mobility devices to cost as much as they do, especially when disabled people are historically significantly poorer then our abled peers

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id make a system toolkit discord bot/site because i think it would be useful to the community, but due to some trauma and some people who misunderstood and misrepresented me to the majority of the community, i feel really anxious about it because i don't want to risk that all coming down on me again and reigniting that trauma.

but I also want to help people. that's the reason i make stuff. that's the reason i added the privacy into pluralkit (and actually helped convince astrid that the "everything is public" model she was following wasn't going to work with what the bot had become), because i wanted to help systems feel safe and protect their littles.
it's why i made all the bots i have.
it's why i worked as a keeper for a while, and it's why i like to create.

i like to help people and make them comfortable and make them happy.

that's all i really care about.

I'm learning to put my mental and physical health too, but it's still a struggle. and even so, i want to make people happy when i can.

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real plural feels bein like
someone: itll take more than this to take me out
someone else: *crying cat emoji* no it wont please dont

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Lilly and Sara wanted to do adulting today. But I ended up fronting. And I didn't want to not-front, because we don't have an inner world and not-fronting is almost like sleeping and I didn't want that.

So now I did the adulting so that Lilly and Sara don't need to worry about it not being done.
And now I can stop doing mean adult things and do the things I like to do! ... so... what do I do now? ^^" :D


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I'm watching this yt vid and they are just randomly talking about pokemon and this guy just hit the nail on the head about why i love diamond/pearl

pokemon is advertised as a whole world but you're usually just a trainer. but in D/P, you can be a pokemon fashion contestant, you can be a miner, you can be a chef, you can do so much more then just a pokemon trainer!

that's why i love it

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Hello, We just joined here.
We are The Robot System, we are undiagnosed but still plural, we just wanted to say hi

-Ash (Host)

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selfies, eye contact , boosts welcome and stuff 

looked kinda good today

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me, forgetting I'm plural: has a convo with an alter
me: this is weird.. maybe I'm not normal
me: wait a moment

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What if we just pause the economy and fix the climate then we can get back to the dystopia?

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im really proud of the progress im making

but all the people that understand how big that progress is, & care that im improving, are sleeping


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selves-meta, mh 

we'd been doing extremely well for well over a week and a half and finally fell off the high into a spiral yesterday night. was rough.
on the bright side, it's still progress, it's one of our longest spiral-free periods in recent memory. new meds helping. -P

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Ah, I suppose we should introduce ourselves? We are the Moonlit Knots, a prasiegenic system of 64. We have no amnesia barriers within layers, though we do have multiple layers and do not know what is going on in the other layers without actively visiting and talking with the members there.
We are monoconscious, which means the front is always occupied by a non-entity that is the monoconscious and we all take turns 'piloting' it. Our most frequent fronters are Mange(she/they/it), James(he/sie), Marjorie(she/⚰️​/☠️​), and me Bergamot(she/they).
We found this place through the Plural Palace discord server, where it has been added to the resource list.
We will likely post about food on our personal feed, as we enjoy baking. We will make sure it is CWed if we post about it publicly to plural cafe.
We hope you all have a great day, and thank you for taking the time to read our ~

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