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Hi there, and welcome to Plural Café! This is the Barkeep account, which serves as an account for Plural Café-related server news and announcements. This account will also automatically boost popular toots.

Plural Café is a fork of a fork based on Mastodon Glitch Edition and has features normal Mastodon doesn't. See for more details.

If you want to help out with server costs, we have a Patreon ( and Liberapay (

Enjoy :)

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Server Nitty Gritty (Don't Worry About This) Show more

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adorable cg enby catperson, eye contact? Show more

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Currently contemplating painting our nails the enby flag colors for Halloween and just.... continuing to do so?

Imagined conversations over time:

Them: woah, what's going on with your nails?

Me on ->

Halloween: it's Halloween? I'm being festive?

Day after: I'm to lazy to take it off

The next week: I still have a shit load of polish, it'd be a waste?

The next month: 🤷

3 months later: I'ma gay enby pagan who talks to a girl with bunny ears who lives in my brain, *be afraid*.

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mh (+), trans things, all caps Show more

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+ mh, therapy while plural Show more

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Hello, we're the Beta Librae system! The body is 24. Our main fronters consist of Nowema (they/them, lesbian), Narvin (he/him), Tianmo (she/her), and Enyo (she/her, 10 years old).

The system primarily consists of fictives, as well as headmates that split off from each other during times of great stress/trauma.

Our interests consist of art/sketching, temporal mechanics, video games, and organization.

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I hate to rag on system "hosts" (esp as I become one but thats different), but some "hosts" can have some seriously shitty and entitled views of their headmates/alters/tulpas/SBs/etc. And because hosts often have some level of control that isn't allowed to "secondary" body-sharers, we just kind of have to go along with shit.

So can all system "Hosts" stop and consider a second the power you might have and whether you're speaking over/for the rest of your system? Because I see it too much.

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plural blabs, long-ish Show more

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I love people who have a "5 year plan." lmao like I can plan the next 15 minutes reliably

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Thanks to @Dracodare I now actually have my own icon here instead of having to use a sketch of Yari. Thank you <3

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MH+, bullying, suicide prevention Show more

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*911 responder over phone* that the dread of something after death, The undiscover’d country from whose bourn no traveller returns, puzzles the will and makes us rather bear those ills we have than fly to others that we know not of?

Me: I told you the cat is speaking to me and i need help right away, i'm locked in my bathroom; the address is-

*responder* Thus conscience does make cowards of us all; and thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought, and enterprises-

Me: Hello!? For the love of god just send help pls

*responder* The fair Ophelia! Nymph, in thy orisons
Be all my sins remember’d.

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mh+ Show more

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Drugs, mh (-) Show more

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*do we really have to go to work?*
*are you surrrrre*
-_- yes
Look, kids, I don't want to go either. But we need money.
Ty: sell a kidney

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~*~Brooklyn Post~*~

We compromised!

Zeph's worried I'm gonna be hurt if I have my own space and am fully open with people outside the Plural community, because people are assholes and Zeph's an overprotective weirdo. They freak out whenever I go anywhere even online. :headpats:

But I'm gonna be posting here more often while we all get used to me being visible. We're sharing.

Which just makes sense tbh since Xeb hates talking. 🙄​

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His name is Goose and he is A Good Boy. He's also an idiot, but idiocy and being A Good Boy are not mutually exclusive in dogs.

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This is Dash, one of my parent's cats. His interests include sleeping, being large, and shedding literally everywhere. He also literally came right over to me and hasn't left for an hour, so he can apparently tell I'm recently enby and is trying to give warm fuzzy support.

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Not queer as in "umbrella term" but queer as in I'll throw a brick at your face if you try to tell me I can't call myself that

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Jeebers fukkc, did not expect to get smacked w/ GenderFeels™ from just the char-gen aspect of Shadowrun:Dragonfall.

Hi, I'm the newest enby on ur timeline. Sup?

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