Pinned toot instance meta (rules rewrite) 

Hello folks! @starfall speaking, we spent some time yesterday rewriting the rules section with an eye on making paragraphs shorter and our values more explicit.

They haven't taken effect yet; the draft can be seen at

Some things are added to the old rules, not just reworded:

* "blatant advertising" -> "corporate advertising", with a specific exception for self-promotion
* explicitly sex and kink positive, but these must still be content warned appropriately
* explicitly sex worker positive, give or take some legal requirements
* required content warnings section added, with some of the most common triggers we know of
* some changes to the bot account policy - bots must be opt-in, not opt-out, automated posts shouldn't be on public
* more explicit federation policy around suspending some servers that don't block servers we suspend

Feel free to comment and suggest changes here or @ us directly.

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not the interaction i expected to have with a highschool friend i ​havent spoken to in ages 😳​

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Do not open unless you are a brat 

Good job!

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psa / queermisia 

Hey, for those of y'all who use LGBTA fandom wiki to learn about queerness and don't know:

Fandom has decided that lesser known queer labels (like pretty much every xenogender) are no longer going to be allowed on their new condensed LGBTQIA+ wiki because they're not "officially recognized by activists."

You can read the full post in the link for more information. We don't have the spoons to cover everything in this post, but we wanted to make sure people know about this.

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I am definitely willing to replace my digestive system with daily injections of nutriments and a battery.
Even if the battery is nuclear-powered.
Even if it's solar-powered 😱.

Eat not.
Shit not.

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Nyaæ is the bright half of my Jupiter, positive, loving, happiness, wholesome and stimmy.

Nyæe is the dark half of my Saturn, negative, hateful, angry, sad and frustrating.

Nyaæe is the fractal side of Jusa, the order that emerges from chaos and the chaos that brings order, when færies dance in circle to open a portal to everyfeels.

Nyeæa is the spiral side of Jusa, when one hurts themselves in confusion, when tears of blood flow upwards from the head to the heart.

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Topless selfie, eye contact 

My neighbor invited me to talk politics and philosophy at his place. Just because we like that. And then IDK. Decided to put on some makeup. So I'm half an hour late to cross the street.

At least something came out of it 😇

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progress on my home screen :) made with klwp and for the bluetooth info (sadly my headphones only report in 10% increments)

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Plural Café was down for a few hours as the TLS certificate expired while we were helping a friend this evening. Service has been restored as of about an hour ago and posts are slowly filtering back in.

Thanks all for your patience.

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its pluralphobic that so many voicebanks are so expensive
do you know how many alters wanna use that voice. yes god dammit theyre gonna sound like a vocaloid

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covid, hrt 

so apperently "Anti-Vaxxers Are Taking Feminizing HRT to (Try to) Cure COVID". 😳👀

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Playing the sexuality questioning game again tonight. We might be ace-spec.

😅 The questioning never ends between gender and orientation, does it?

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trans to trans communication in emails when a person's display name on outlook is a differently gendered name than the one they sign off emails with. and yours is the same way

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New system member(?) 

Still a bit unsure, but probably found(/created?) a new system member, Lyra, who latched onto a plushie. We had just rediscovered the plushie, but had had it for … 8 years or so?
Cuddling with her feels very nice and reassuring :)

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Plurality is astonishing in diversity (mentions of many things that can be violent or triggering to some systems, probably safe for singlets) 

I'll probably never stop to be amazed at the whole spectrum of experiences we plural people may experience.

I've known other systems since 2008.

I've seen plurality considered either, and non-exclusively, illness, fantasy, tool, coping-mechanism or mystic act.

I've participated in the rise of plural communities, and I've seen many fall to oblivion.

I've seen many experimenting with plurality, sometimes finaly stepping back but always taking steps towards more self-understanding.

I've helped systems figuring themselves.
I've faced systems who could not relate to anything I could share at that time.

I've seen people who firmly believed to be haunted or possessed.
I've seen systems who felt so different to others they would not consider themselves part of the plural community.

I've seen people who could have known they were systems years earlier, but hid their plurality behind role-played characters or their writings.
I've seen people know about DID long before noticing the slightest sign of their own plurality.

I've seen unifications by choice or by force.
Though I've never seen one lasting more than a few years ...

I've seen systems who had always been stable.
I've seen systems who never had members staying for more than a couple of years, at best -- often a few months.

I've seen systems who'd consider a member's death as important and grave as a physical person's.
I've seen systems who'd kill, bannish, punnish or do weird shit to other members on a quite regular basis.

I've seen people with very defined headspaces where members could live inhead.
I've seen people who couldn't grasp the very concept of a headspace.

I've seen people who took years to find about their plurality even though others had hinted them towards it, and still can't have direct inhead interactions.
I've seen people who were having intense relations between their members, sometimes up to marrying.

I've seen systems who were clueless about what their different members were doing.
I've seen systems who could share memories and emotions at will.

I've seen some interesting arguments to defend individual alter's civil responsability thus sparing the whole system (intersting, that's all, I'm not buying into that shit).
I've seen a system actually know that a member had commited a crime, turn themself in and face dire consequences, hide that knowledge to the outside world for years, and make sure it could never happen ever again before slowly starting to talk about this.

And despite all that, every time someone shares about their experience with plurality, I'm still discovering new concepts, visualizations and/or struggles ...

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