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Hello folks! @starfall speaking, we spent some time yesterday rewriting the rules section with an eye on making paragraphs shorter and our values more explicit.

They haven't taken effect yet; the draft can be seen at

Some things are added to the old rules, not just reworded:

* "blatant advertising" -> "corporate advertising", with a specific exception for self-promotion
* explicitly sex and kink positive, but these must still be content warned appropriately
* explicitly sex worker positive, give or take some legal requirements
* required content warnings section added, with some of the most common triggers we know of
* some changes to the bot account policy - bots must be opt-in, not opt-out, automated posts shouldn't be on public
* more explicit federation policy around suspending some servers that don't block servers we suspend

Feel free to comment and suggest changes here or @ us directly.

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my mom messaged me about how her life was going well and asked if I had any craft projects going, so I told her about my craft projects. She only responded to my telling her about my clothing refashioning and ignored the thing i said about knitting things for pride, of course, she ignores everything gay. It kind of makes me feel weird and second guess myself when she isn't horrible. But I don't usually tell her even as much as I did this morning, because there's too much stuff I can' tell her. can't tell her about my tarot card or crystals or that I'm growing mushrooms or other crimes. I wish I only had to talk to people I felt safe talking about everything to.

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straight up dont pay attention sometimes and say "we" talking about ourselves in front of family
no one bats an eye its incredible. power

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sex general, implied religious trauma 

Not thinking sex is evil anymore is really great, I recommend it

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Friend ( @doesparkle on birdsite ) drew us a cute lil kobold that I'm tempted to take as a sona for me. Lil cutebold :3


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plural stuff, fediverse meta, unrelated to current discourse, (+) 

One of the things we love about the fediverse is that we can use plural first-person pronouns (we, our, etc.) without thinking about it and most people won't even bat an eye. Even accounts that we've never interacted with before.

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thoughts about transmisia in Germany 

The laws and the transmisia in Germany is shit, but when i focus all the time on the bad stuff, i have no time to live my life. I want to focus more on the stuff making me happy and feeling good.

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I ordered overalls on depot and they came with these cute stickers! Fat frog eating pizza and Black Lives Matter speech bubble. I put them on my fridge.

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Bahnfahrkarten am schalter kaufen ist so schön. Ich bekomme das schön ausgedruckt. Muss mich nicht durch die Website klicken und habe auch eine schöne tasche für das ticket, das auf coolem ticketpapier gedruckt ist.

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its 2021 please stop using those "fonts" in your discord username i don't know who you are ����� but stop it

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Well so you may know that i am struggling with getting a library membership in my city because they only have binairy genders in their forms. Just called the anti discrimination office for LGBTQI+ people (sadly not a spect inclusive) and the person said that they want to investigate and are responsible and they will try to change that. That was nice.

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It's come to our attention that folks are missing quite a bit of Monsterpit's commit history. We don't have everything preserved, but we do have:

Always remember to gently the kobolds and that big tails never fail, folks.

-- Alex & devin Starfall

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you walk into my office, and I am sitting at my desk with my feet up. I look bored, possibly slightly annoyed. my office looks inanimate, yet also stern. its a business office, where business happens.

"so...why did you call me in here?" you ask, in a pitch that reveals a vague dread. you didnt know @rats had an office. you question if I knew I had an office also.

I tap the 6ft banner behind me with my cane, a quiet thwack that interrupts my sweet lo fi beats for a moment. you get the impression that this isn't the first time this has happened, and that maybe I had been practicing my cane thwacking in my spare time.

"friends don't let friends post images without alt text" is written, in bold black text on white canvas. the lettering is clear both in font and meaning. the canvas is also inanimate.

you nod solemnly, understanding your past mistakes, and make a mental note of it, possibly doing some research on how best to describe images, or where the feature is on your client. you implicitly know that I am always willing to help explain the importance of accessibility, should you need it.

the mistake doesn't happen again.

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Well, we've got a new headmate and we decided to set them up with shared control of this account. Name of Fragment. Be nice to 'em, they're really new.


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we haven't been on here much but life has been pretty good!! we're out to our closest friends now as a wolf pack system and it's nice having all of us accepted even if it's mostly r fronting, we get to be wolfy and receive lots of pats and cuddles

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healthcare/therapy + 

apparently the local aboriginal health clinic/therapy place noticed I hadn't been in for ages and called to make sure I was ok, which is something ive never had before

admittedly the person I saw there was painfully underequipped to help, but the fact they called makes me hopeful to try again. since psychmed either silently drop me from the wait list or just. dont have anyone who are able to help

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