Pinned toot instance meta (rules rewrite) 

Hello folks! @starfall speaking, we spent some time yesterday rewriting the rules section with an eye on making paragraphs shorter and our values more explicit.

They haven't taken effect yet; the draft can be seen at

Some things are added to the old rules, not just reworded:

* "blatant advertising" -> "corporate advertising", with a specific exception for self-promotion
* explicitly sex and kink positive, but these must still be content warned appropriately
* explicitly sex worker positive, give or take some legal requirements
* required content warnings section added, with some of the most common triggers we know of
* some changes to the bot account policy - bots must be opt-in, not opt-out, automated posts shouldn't be on public
* more explicit federation policy around suspending some servers that don't block servers we suspend

Feel free to comment and suggest changes here or @ us directly.

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Today’s smiles are brought to you by an internet rando talking about being an it project manager and being plural.

I didn’t realize how much existential dread I was carrying about being plural (and losing my career because of it) until right now.

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got an old wooden chest. transformed it into new wooden chest

I keep breaking the plastic boxes so I've decided to slowly start replacing them with more stable stuff, whatever I can find for cheap and fix up. this one didn't need much fixing up though, just some wax and a few very very careful touches of sandpaper

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☔️Plurality is convincing yourself to sit down and Do the Thing, dissociate, and come back to three YouTube tabs full of indie wrestling highlights

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If our insurance fucks up our surgery we will have to pay $25,000 for surgery.

Would anyone help if we made like a GoFundMe or something?

It's gender surgery and we are not rescheduling for the convenience of the fucking insurance company we have been planning this for months.

Just like. Idk like the post or whatever if you would be interested in helping, we're going to try and do payment plan with the hospital if they succeed in trying to fuck us over.


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Apparently this guy at work has studied the blade.

No irony, full stop. He said during active shooter training that he could stop a bullet with his katana and lamented that he's not allowed to have it at work.

I don't know how to react to this. On one hand, I never trusted him in an emergency anyway but on the other hand, like, that isn't a problem for management?

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Slow-mo is short for "slowly mosey."

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Video Game Idea: Plural Simulator 

It's just a regular adventure game but an AI determines what your character did while the game was turned off, NPCs talk about things you weren't there for, they almost never call you by the name and pronouns you entered, and the game ignores whatever you did in the character creator mode.

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I drew a poster to help remind me and my system to save money. It's right above our desk, so we'll see it any time we're tempted to log into Amazon.

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I have 9 followers on here so I probably won't find anyone who's interested, but won't hurt to try, so: I make customised stim toys and jewellery! prices are 7-15 € depending on the style plus shipping (based in germany, so shipping is 10 € outside of the EU)

these are only examples, I always do custom orders so beads materials, texture, colours etc are customisable!

there's no shop, if you want one just message me. I promise it's super easy to configure it just how you like it, I have a simple configuration form and everything 😌

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Found out today that a lot of systems dissociate hard at grocery stores? Asking because the last few times we've tried to go grocery shopping it ended BADLY.

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now live re: weld stream announcement 

now live to make tarot cards with 3d art!!!

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If I were to sum up my life in a single phrase, it would probably be "abandoned during beta phase".

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Therapy (positive and mostly meta) 

Our therapist is introducing us to schema therapy and so far it's really interesting. In some ways it builds on similar concepts as our understanding of our plurality, at least in the ways she describes it.
It's fascinating cause despite similar concepts it's a vastly different view on us but to us doesn't compete with our plurality. We find schemas that cross headmate boundaries and each of us has multiple schema modes we occasionally drop into.
Schema therapy so far seems to be a good way to get another view on how the system-as-a-whole works. Some aspects can be better explained looking at it through a schema therapy lense, some through our plurality.
And our therapist is pretty excited about learning how schema therapy and plurality interact with us, which is pretty nice as well :D


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Realizing that “learn to work iteratively, fast and efficiently” is actually a fantastic coping mechanism when you lose context every hour or two to a switch :)

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me @ my subconscious: can we just push through to get this work done
my subconscious: no, we're going to think about Pinky & the Brain now

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The mother doesn't like that I talk about cops in her cop shows like they're... y'know... cops.

She also doesn't like when I point out the procedural errors, constitutional violations, and general nonsense that they pull. "No, cops can't just commandeer a car because they're chasing someone. That's an illegal seizure of property."

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notebooks and diaries are just external storage for brains

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