a cool concept: a person who can detect incredibly minute details with a sense, be it smell or hearing or sight or whatever, but theyre ALWAYS wrong about what it means in context

"i see your shirt is fraying at the ends when you lift your arms so.....do you have a cat at home. "

"i can smell lead from inside that building.....what if its a pencil factory,"

Is it really impostor syndrome if some of the people in your system are actually bad at it?

it's a weird feeling to gossip about someone else that uses this body?

but like.. not technically me doing the things I'm talking about?

first thing thats gotta go is this static corporeal form

where the hell is the shapeshifting

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That weird feeling where you're editing a video (someone else recorded) and you're one of the ones that thinks you (the body) look cute? (as opposed to the others who feel dysphoric)

mh - but a joke 

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How to deal with feeling like people like 3 or us way more than the rest?

Always feels like the rest of us are not good enough.

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I love getting to a season finale of a show, seeing the big twist at the end, and just going "Wow, it would have sucked to wait 3 months after that" as you click to the next episode.


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who up in here has been personally attacked by their systemmate absolutely calling out their bull

Ugh, fyi, careful what you share with eachother. When we can tell two people are fronting it's.... complicated

Amnesia being part of DiD is so... weirdly frustrating? We can memorize a chapter (act? scene?) of macbeth in a day...

But remembering the ...26? 27? alters in here... a list of literally 26/??? names with 1 characteristic.. is impossible????

Brains why?

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