That weird feeling where you're editing a video (someone else recorded) and you're one of the ones that thinks you (the body) look cute? (as opposed to the others who feel dysphoric)

mh - but a joke 

sex, attraction 


sex, masturbation 

How to deal with feeling like people like 3 or us way more than the rest?

Always feels like the rest of us are not good enough.

psychosis meta, unreality tw 

I love getting to a season finale of a show, seeing the big twist at the end, and just going "Wow, it would have sucked to wait 3 months after that" as you click to the next episode.


sparkly photo, unreality, dissociation 


who up in here has been personally attacked by their systemmate absolutely calling out their bull

Ugh, fyi, careful what you share with eachother. When we can tell two people are fronting it's.... complicated

Amnesia being part of DiD is so... weirdly frustrating? We can memorize a chapter (act? scene?) of macbeth in a day...

But remembering the ...26? 27? alters in here... a list of literally 26/??? names with 1 characteristic.. is impossible????

Brains why?

Ok, it's up to 23 now as we find more that were hiding/prefer to sleep :D (more the merrier)

Also, Aquamarine typed her first word into the internet (she's non-verbal and we still tear up thinking about it)

And apparently it's 18? Can someone unbiased count here. Or you know, I missed myself, or started from 0.

Misses Robot aka Misses Automa

It's likely I'm an integration (like anembilly) of a few of the polyfrags.

Thinks like... a black hooded figure in synthetically produced clothing (cyber punkish) (this is very hard for me, usually someone else pictures the others, and this is giving me a headache)

But with like.... hidden cables that can come out?

Like a cybepunk eldrict abomination, face hidden, moving unaturally both on a micro and macro level. Always where you don't expect her, but you look and she is there. Face hidden, but emotions readable. But also really nice if you're nice to her? Like ridiculously nice (and vice versa)

Also the system has a name... but I dunno, some people seem afraid of it for some reason, so just ask if you want to know.

Oh also, we all have autism, which makes stuff complicated internally and externally!

Sorry this was so long! Hi!

Violet Grey - Think, Carmen Sandiego but in purple, grey hair, round glasses, loves science. Ace/Aro but loves experiments? (formerly an esmerelda aparently? Dunno, that's what someone wrote down)

Violet Unicorn - Just... think rarity from MLP... but with as a spoonie. Cause we don't have the energy to make things as she wants them.

(M.R. oops missed an esmerelda, not sure how this works still but I always seem to have the most info)

Esmerelda Con't

Foxy Esmerelda - Fox Girl, Butch, (but shy, and embarrassed about shyness)

(*at least 10 sets of eyes roll*)

And introducing SWSNBN, The Nameless One, Hoarder of Enemies, Victories, Titles, Alters, and who knows what else.... Well... yeah... they refuse a name. (think like an elder dragon who lives in the shadows, very dangerous for billie or lily to team up with this one if we are in a bad mood)

Lilys (Traumagenisis - that is resolved)

Fangs/Chipmunk/Red Black Lily - Picture like... a chipmunk dressed as a vampire? Other stuff too but inappropriate for this text.

Wings/Pixie/Sprite/Black Blue Lily - A little pixie/sprite that hide things and plays tricks.

Merfolk/Aquamarine/Blue Green Lily - Mermiad, non verbal, loves hot tubs.

Esmereldas (Endogenisis)

Kitty - Cat, teams up with lily/other humaniod alters to become a cat girl (which is honestly cute imo). When teaming up with swsnbn thinks they are every cat.

Snake - Is a snake, always only see their body poking out of things. Never see the body and tail connected. Length = ????

Dragon - Hoards cats, friends, mtg cards. Green scales.

Wolf - Loner, but lonely. Loves to walk. Finds puppy's behavior embarrassing. (but most of us think it's cuuuute :D). Eyepatch. Sword, but never uses it.

Violet (Trauma Genisis)

GLaDOS - Sadly, both. Like the portal 2 story (caroline), but in this case it was consensual, and necessary

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