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scrolled through the comments on trump's announcement post of them testing positive and i knew what had to be done

And the switching between inputs looks cool as hell ngl :p

(Audio ended up a bit weird in this recording but not gonna bother recording again)

God almost every panel is absolutely just so well drawn and sometimes i just see one that's super simple but still just gives such a sense of emotion that's just amazing

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*Starts to get active in plural community again after not really doing much for a few months*
New headmate:

i may not be too used to working with C and makefiles and such but like

can't help but feel like this isn't the full source or something

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This is just a small sample of the code within, and in a perfect world i'll never have to touch this piece of code again

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and here it is, the current status of the funny beep boop visualizer program in all it's glory

re: Xenoblade chronicles(+de) late/endgame spoilers 

Also tell me this isn't flawless plural character writing :p

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So I was taking more pics of some of the pups the other day before they have to go to new homes again
and I got a picture of one of them doing the thing!!!

Dog Pictures 

Aaaaa so our dogs had some puppies a couple weeks back and on a random impulse the other day I took a bunch of pics and aaa

Also I still have no idea if I'm doing CW etiquette correct or tagging images correctly for it so here's hoping I didn't mess it up trying :P

Finally got around to setting up a new theme and messing with compositor settings, took like 5 hours but worth it

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