Rambling about pinebook pro for 500+ characters 

thinking about a pinebook pro to replace this old Pentium P6200 laptop i'm still using that doesn't even support opengl 2.1+, and I'm still getting hung up about comparing every aspect i can find even though there's about no benchmarks between arm and amd64 platforms out there, and the fact that literally anything would probably be better than a laptop which lags when playing a youtube video, can't even demo the small opengl programs i try to test on it (can't even run alacritty) and has a fucked up plug

re: Rambling about pinebook pro for 500+ characters 

@666666t way i see it there are probably two options in that price range

the fun and new pbp that's honestly fairly slow but competent enough (though kde lags slightly so we're probably going back to xfce)

or an old thinkpad from ebay that probably has more power than the pbp, and is reliable enough

either or would probably be fine and definitely better than what you have

re: Rambling about pinebook pro for 500+ characters 


i mean seeing as right now our void linux install on the laptop gets sluggish performance in basic firefox browsing even in i3 without a compositor or anything... good point lol

re: Rambling about pinebook pro for 500+ characters 

@666666t lol yeah the pbp will definitely be faster as long as you remember to set up zram and/or zswap

and as long as you don't use urxvt? maybe that got fixed but it lagged like hell when we tried manjaro-i3

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