Started reading this new manga on a recommendation and its just.... so blessed.

The manga in question is "Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou" and it's just so wonderful, it's based around a "soft apocalypse" type future where there's not nearly as many people left but people are living the best they can in small communities that have formed around the super-risen sea and stuff and just


It's got amazing art and scenes, every landscape pane is just so well made and the vibe is just so wonderful, and it's so chill for something that's technically post-apocalypse, you wouldn't even really consider it to be one too much

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also the main character is a robot girl who you *cannot* try to convince me is not a lesbian :p

and its just so amazing i've been reading it all evening and i'm absolutely loving every bit of it and aaaaaaaa

and i dont recommend or *really* love stuff often so it's especially good IMO

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God almost every panel is absolutely just so well drawn and sometimes i just see one that's super simple but still just gives such a sense of emotion that's just amazing

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and aaaa i know there's not much of a view of the mc in that image there but they're absolutely amazing and they're 100% robot girl goals tbh a

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