cs course i'm starting in is entirely in java and wants us to install specifically openjdk 13 and openjfx 13, both provided in a zip file by the teacher

why do i have a bad feeling about this class

Rambling about pinebook pro for 500+ characters 

thinking about a pinebook pro to replace this old Pentium P6200 laptop i'm still using that doesn't even support opengl 2.1+, and I'm still getting hung up about comparing every aspect i can find even though there's about no benchmarks between arm and amd64 platforms out there, and the fact that literally anything would probably be better than a laptop which lags when playing a youtube video, can't even demo the small opengl programs i try to test on it (can't even run alacritty) and has a fucked up plug

hot take: the sound hard drives make when they're reading/writing can best be described as "purring"

Boring People: "Plural systems are weird and fake."

Cool People: *pats the head of their plural friend* "This bad boy can fit so many friends in it."

(on a forum for robot girl tech)

"have you tried headpats? works on my machine."

Neon Genesis Evangelion is all about tricking anime nerds into confronting existentialism and psychoanalysis

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j: oh wow this is a really nice and cozy mastodon instance, we'll be sure to be super active here

and then we make bursts of posts every 2 weeks and rarely interact outside of that 😎

and aaaa i know there's not much of a view of the mc in that image there but they're absolutely amazing and they're 100% robot girl goals tbh a

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God almost every panel is absolutely just so well drawn and sometimes i just see one that's super simple but still just gives such a sense of emotion that's just amazing

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So anyways that was a long gush about a series i've never heard of before tonight, how are all your nights going :p

and its just so amazing i've been reading it all evening and i'm absolutely loving every bit of it and aaaaaaaa

and i dont recommend or *really* love stuff often so it's especially good IMO

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also the main character is a robot girl who you *cannot* try to convince me is not a lesbian :p

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It's got amazing art and scenes, every landscape pane is just so well made and the vibe is just so wonderful, and it's so chill for something that's technically post-apocalypse, you wouldn't even really consider it to be one too much

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Started reading this new manga on a recommendation and its just.... so blessed.

The manga in question is "Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou" and it's just so wonderful, it's based around a "soft apocalypse" type future where there's not nearly as many people left but people are living the best they can in small communities that have formed around the super-risen sea and stuff and just


every time i see pronoun stuff that doesn't have an 'it/its' option i go a little :(

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