⚠️ TRADE OFFER (lb, affection @ reader) 

you get: infodump @ me abt whatever yr really into tbh i wanna hear abt it

you also get: snuggles :blobcatreach:

not quite nsfw 

the thing about fanservice is, if you’re going to drench your work in it, you gotta give me some too. for every big tiddy healer, I expect at least one femboy with tummy and/or thighs on full display. this is mandatory

oh right it tried making pudding for the first time and that has to chill overnight anyways before it tries it so, that's an excuse to sleep >:3

the beep shall sleep,

but it also wanna work on projects ;w;

A sign that news desks are staffed by 20-somethings is that absolutely nobody in media seems to remember Second Life as they breathlessly report on how the Metaverse will change everything.

Spoiler: The Metaverse will suck because it is a bad idea. It always was.


finally got its site rewritten to use an actual static site generator instead of piling on handwritten/pasted html everywhere h

and used the chance to add some stuff too so >w<

WARNING: making the 👉👈 gesture invokes the "five fingered hand of Eris" symbol and promotes chaos. this is very cool and you should continue doing so!

medium-length rambling tech take 

(redrafted to add image alt-text)


it is once again finding itself entirely too bothered by the completely nonsensical "please don't theme" stuff

even if "we just don't want distributions applying custom themes that might cause apps to look different than intended, only users should be able to do that" was even a semi-reasonable take (much less one that they even cared about with how much they're trying to trim out custom styling with gtk4/recoloring/whatever anyways)

how was this not the end of any discussion on this take????????

ah yes the biggest concern of any open source application, having it's """brand""" be hidden by a custom application icon

pokégirl content 

ugh, cold. wish I was big and floofy and could curl up around a cute boy protectively

big brain: short boys are cute
glowing brain: if you’re really tall, every boy is short

“mia why are you sending me these cursed images” because I’m a gardevoir. I inflict psychic damage

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