In that same vein though, the decision between deciding to do a cool image banner with alt-text and just doing a plain-text banner to be more accessible was not an easy one 😔​

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In hindsight I should probably have thought of this beforehand, but turns out thinking of actual content to host is a lot harder than making the frame to host the content on ._.

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So I've spent a lot of my time over the past couple weeks designing a homepage, tuning it to my aesthetic, making sure it's accessible, and overall making it just right to how I want for a look.

Now I just need to think of what content to actually put onto the site.

To be fair like 3 and a half of those hours was spent just putting a name to an aesthetic and finding the background image but that still counts >:Y

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Finally got around to setting up a new theme and messing with compositor settings, took like 5 hours but worth it

j: attention -

dani is a dork and i absolutely respect her for that cause it's adorable when she gets really into something she's interested in doing

would have been infinitely easier if i had known beforehand:
1) the directory to include mod_ssl from in void linux
2) how to properly set up virtualhost and knowing beforehand how to link it to the cert
3)the fact that acmetool doesn't make it very easy to remove accounts and such even if you change to a new one, meaning i spent almost 15 minutes not able to tell why it wouldn't get rid of the test cert.

honestly though? glad i did, got a ton of styling and stuff done on it today and i'm satisfied with how it's feeling and working atm

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just spent upwards of an hour messing with letsencrypt trying to get https for my personal site because turns out my distro doesn't package certbot for apache and mod_ssl kept causing issues at every turn

but it is d o n e

Hey who wants to see me make a text editor

vent, intrusive thoughts 

sorta vent, questioning fuckery 

Trying to get civ V to work on void linux but it segfaults whenever i leave a leader screen??? ughh why does stuff have to break without any kind of log or hint at all sometimes ><

Still figuring out this mess of a site and finding users to follow and hoping I don't mess up some unspoken rule or something lmao

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